Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Trial period

Today I experimented with intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast & lunch and eating 500 calories for dinner. I was hungry a few times, less often than I expected, and managed to overcome that by drinking fizzy water. It's an interesting feeling, actually; (fasting, not being hungry) I felt very relaxed about food on the one hand (knowing I wasn't supposed to eat anything meant no quandaries about what I should eat, and no mental negotiations along the familiar lines of 'if I eat that, I can't eat that, unless I change my planned dinner to the other' which I am very prone to on normal days), but I can't claim I wasn't thinking about food at all, quite the opposite in fact - I was planning future meals and looking up recipes as usual. I am very aware that this sort of thing  could trigger my bingeing tendencies, so I monitored myself quite strictly and left all my money at home whilst ensuring that I had some tinned soup & low calorie yoghurts in the office in case I crumbled or felt dodgy, and ate one yoghurt at 3pm. I don't know how regularly I might be inclined to fast, but as a one off I found myself feeling healthier without any bloating or discomfort, and didn't notice any lightheadedness or lack of energy (even though I slept poorly last night). The only thing I did notice was some strange noises my stomach was making every so often, but there was no-one close enough to hear & embarrass me, so I didn't mind that! The hardest time, unsurprisingly, was lunchtime - I wasn't especially hungry, but habit, the smell of food coming from the kitchen area, and not being focused on work all combined to make me wish I had something I could eat. But I didn't, and that feeling didn't last too long! I didn't want to train till I knew how my body was going to react to having no food at all, but the lingering blisters from Saturday's walk would probably have stopped me anyway, so no worries.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Look at me posting twice in 2 weeks!

There was a time I sometimes posted twice in one day... I know, I can hardly believe it either!
So anyway, last week sucked diet wise as my sabotaging OH persuaded me to eat out twice. He did mention a third suggestion but by then I'd finally remembered what I'm supposed to aiming for and shut him down. Regretfully, because my diet menus are not as good as the menus offered by our local restaurants, however hard I try to pretend otherwise.
On Saturday I went for the longest walk I've done since last September - 11 miles. Basically I decided to walk to work, through the centre of Reading, then catch the train home. This proved a bad idea because
a) I wore the wrong boots - the ones that aren't 100% broken in - and
b) I should have taken the train to the other end and then walked home instead (live and learn - next time I'll know better!

So 7 miles in I'm starting to get blisters. That didn't stop me, but it did slow me down and take the shine of accomplishment off the last 4 miles. 4. Miles. With blisters on top of blisters. I wasn't really limping simply because you can't limp properly with both legs at once. I wasn't screaming either, but really only because I didn't want to terrify any passerbys. So I reached the town I'd been aiming for all that way, and I admit I wondered why I'd bothered given that I'm there every day anyway, hobbled into a chemist's for some plasters, then hobbled on to the station. The next train wasn't due for 25 minutes but I was sitting down so I didn't care. And then the next train wasn't coming for an extra 5 minutes, then it was 'delayed' - no eta given - and then it was cancelled. Along with the next train, and the one after that. There'd been an 'incident' at a station further up the line, and maybe I'm horribly self-involved (maybe? Have you read my blog before?) but I couldn't feel much sympathy as I then had to hobble back into town, catch a bus, then pick up my train journey further along. With my blisters. And the blisters on my blisters. And... Well, you probably get my point.
The rest of the weekend was spent lying on the sofa, limping around with gritted teeth, stabbing blisters with scissors to relieve the pressure and generally making much ado about nothing. Though I can't help wondering the blisters would have been less painful if I weighed less.

Since then I haven't trained due to the one massive open blister on my toe-next-to-the-little-toe of my left foot. My eating has been erratic and unhealthy a fair bit of the time but not actually way in excess of calories, which I am moderately pleased about, though still determined that I need to choose the foods better. And start training of course.

ETA I know I called my husband a saboteur - but I'm well aware really that he only made a suggestion, he didn't tie me down and fix up a Thai food iv straight into my stomach... I need to work on my priorities - and let him do the same.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Longest absence ever I think... Believe it or not, while I've been absent from your monitors I've actually kept writing the odd post... Just not following up by actually posting them. Then I discarded them all because they were so out of date they aren't even relevant to my stuck-in-a-rut-the-size-of-the-grand-canyon life any more. I don't know if I even remember what it's like to consider myself a blogger any more, yet I never consciously decided to stop or actively wanted to quit. Weird. Maybe I should pretend this is one of those newsletters some people send out at Christmas with a year's worth of stuff...
So, since we last met:
I got a contract extension for 6 months literally when I'd resigned myself to getting back on the job hunt.
I went for a two week Caribbean holiday over Christmas and the New Year. Much travel trauma was involved, that I may tell you about later if you're really lucky. Not.
No, it doesn't feel like Christmas if you spend the day itself in Puerto Rico (unless you live there, I guess). But it's a lot better than coming home to snow and grey skies. If anyone has a villa in St Lucia they want house sitting by a woman with no housework skills and a degree in 'I'll do it tomorrow' you know where to find me.
I ate a lot, and actually trained a lot while on holiday. Then I came home, carried on eating a lot, and effectively stopped training again.
I remembered how much I hate snow.
I discovered how much I like working from home when I can't get to the end of my street for the snow.
I repeatedly told myself, my husband, and anyone else who'd listen, that I would have started learning to run if not for the snow.
And I don't even live in Wales or Scotland where they have real snow!
I haven't remembered to photograph or otherwise record my food for weeks.
Possibly as a result, very few of my work clothes fit me any more, and I refuse to buy new ones. Don't get me wrong, they all do up - so long as I don't try to breathe, sit down, bend over...

Time for a change.
Heard that before...?
I guess we'll see...

Trying to get healthy again,
Chrissie over & out.