Monday, 3 December 2012


After my strange episode of evil temper on Friday, the weekend was a lot calmer - though not necessarily better from a diet perspective. On Saturday I went to Tesco for my big shop and bought a chocolate bun and enough dried fruit for the week - then ate it all in the morning. M and I went out for lunch & both had 3 courses with wine. On the slightly more positive side I then didn't ear again till Sunday, and Sunday itself was pretty ok. On the exercise front the whole thing was a dead loss as my back pain paid another visit (at this rate I'll have to rename this blog - maybe Bad back, worse attitude??? Or bad back, bad mood???) So my only exercise was housework.
I'm on holiday in 3 weeks so now I want to bite the bullet until then - with the exception of this Saturday, when my dad & his wife are visiting and we're all going out for a very indulgent lunch. One meal doesn't need to totally derail the diet effort though, unless I let it - which would, of course, be totally in character these days. I'm starting to wonder if subconsciously I don't want to lose the weight because then I'll have to switch to maintaining and I'm not good at that...
I didn't weigh myself yesterday or today as I want to get rid of the excess food 'in transit' first - otherwise I'm likely to decide there's just no point in even trying to lose weight before the holiday and therefore I might as well just binge every day for 3 weeks...

Saturday food:
Breakfast: oats with whey and fruit plus a (truly wonderful) chocolate bun that was probably about 3000 calories all by itself


Lunch: we shared a meat platter for a starter:


Followed by a fillet steak with chunky chips and a shared tomato & red onion salad:


Then chocolate fudge cake (unlike the rest of the meal, this was disappointing)


Dinner: nothing

Snacks: apricots, dates, dried pineapple & apple

Sunday food:
Breakfast: all bran


Lunch: homemade soup


Dinner: roast dinner based on Tesco Christmas 3 bird roast as I will be away on Christmas day


Snacks: pop chips & a protein cookie

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