Thursday, 6 December 2012

Very frustrated

The problem with calorie counting is its slow - unless you're restricting an unhealthy amount. I know this, and did before I started again, and I'm already having to keep reminding myself of the fact... I have only gone over my calories a couple of times, and I'm constipated again and I'm fed up of my clothes not feeling any looser at all...

I need a reality check, so here it is:

Things I've tried that promised quicker results:

Atkins (for 1 day!)
Alternate Day Fasting
Raw diet

Things I struck to for more than 24 hours before caving and bingeing:

Alternate Day Fasting
Raw Diet

Things that helped me lose nearly 50 lbs:

Calorie counting with sensible exercise (and by the way, at the start I had back trouble...)

Does this tell me extreme dieting doesn't work???

Frankly, no - it just tells me I'm weak and gave up too easily with the extreme diets, because I'm frustrated at the slowness.

I'm fed up. FED UP. And not happy with myself. Except when it comes to mince pies, see below....
(Just in case you were missing the regular moan about the weather - when I left for work this morning it was -3. -3!!! One of my crazy colleagues was out running at 5am in a temp of -7. Yeah. He's crazy. But he's not fat....)

Boring food today (I'm not bitter.... ;-)):

Breakfast: All Bran (Oh come on - you don't need to see it again do you????)

Lunch: salad with turkey mince dry fried with Italian seasoning

Dinner: raw carrot ginger soup
Snacks: Greek yoghurt flavoured with home-made applesauce;

apple & Babybel. Nearly a Kiplings mince pie that someone brought in to work - but I managed to stay strong until they were all gone!

Stay Healthy Chrissie

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