Monday, 3 December 2012

The start of another week

Monday morning is always hard. But sooo much harder the day after your coffee maker sprang a leak... I had to make do with green tea at home (so not the same - and though we do have instant coffee for visiting wimps, it was out of my semi-crippled reach) and a pit stop at Costa coffee on the way to work today - I've ordered a new coffee maker and I'm praying it arrives really soon! I guess as it was ordered yesterday it probably won't arrive today :-(
Weirdly I didn't have to battle the urge to eat extra food today at all, much less feel tempted to binge. That’s obviously good - great even, especially as someone in the office brought in cream cakes that I totally ignored - I just wish I understood what makes it so easy one day & so impossible another... Even though I was no less tired or bored than usual today. I'll take it when I get it though, and no complaints!

Food today:

Breakfast: all bran with raisins & peaches


Lunch: homemade soup (same as yesterday)

Dinner: Bolognese sauce on spiralized courgette & shredded cabbage 'noodles'


Snacks: pop chips; apple & Babybel; Greek yoghurt sweetened with a splash of sugar free syrup

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