Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sub zero Friday (I wrote this yesterday honest)

When I went out to my car this morning it was sparkling in the light of next door's outdoor Christmas lights... Very thick frost, all my windows opaque and frozen shut... It took ten minutes for the car to defrost enough to see out so I could drive in. At least its been dry enough the last few days that the local flooding is clearing, although at least one road is still closed and the disruption to trains continues... Happily I'm not going anywhere this weekend so I don't need to care too much what the weather's doing.
By the end of my training yesterday I was getting some twinges in my - ah - lower back (ok, bum!) and they continued today so I didn't train again after work. Definitely feeling better over all after 2 days working up a sweat in a row (but still finding it sooo hard to get up in the morning - something I have never had trouble with before! This morning I hit the snooze button TWICE for the first time ever! I've started to take a vitamin D supplement in the hope it will brighten me up a bit, too soon yet to say if its working. I was so hungry all day today, I'm thinking its hormonal but I suppose it could be my body looking for a reward for training twice... On second thoughts, judging by the stomach cramps & lower back pain, definitely hormonal and it led to me eating an obscene amount of chocolate & general sugar despite healthy, nutritious and in some cases tasty planned food.. That wasn't the only effect either, I'm not usually one for the pms-ing, but around lunchtime I became horrendously furious for no reason - I'm talking head spinning, seething, bubbling cauldron of rage & hatred against the whole world... It wore off eventually with some help from chopping innocent veggies, hugging M and watching Todd & the book of pure evil, but that's why you didn't get this post yesterday - I couldn't expose you lovely people to my horribleness. For which you should really be very grateful...

Food Friday:

Breakfast: steel cut oats with blueberries, whey & hemp seeds*
Lunch: Amy's kitchen rustic Italian vegetable soup; melon wedges*
Dinner: a weird yet almost healthy melange of Brussels sprouts, cavolo nero, onion, mushrooms & courgette, all sautéed in coconut oil and then sprayed with a tiny bit of braggs liquid aminos*
Snacks : pop chips, cottage cheese & blueberries, 123,456,789,000 chocolate bars / cookies / peanut m & m's...

* I have photos on my camera but I'm in bed blogging on an ipad so can't upload them right now

Weight: 153 lbs and why did I go apeshit when finally showing some progress, why oh why???

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