Wednesday, 5 December 2012


This morning it snowed in Berkshire for approximately the length of time it took me to drive to work, along my route to work, at the time I was driving in. M left half an hour earlier and saw no snow at all. Have I mentioned I hate driving in the snow????  Then later it became 'freezing rain' which I assume is just another expression for sleet, before the sun came out eventually. (Here ends the weather report for today ;) )
This morning I got up BEFORE the alarm went off!!! That used to be the norm for me and I much prefer that to my recent hit the snooze button issue. Hopefully taking vitamin D is helping and soon I might even have the energy to train in some useful way... Not today though, but I did walk a couple of miles after work in the cold and in the dark. I would have done more, but it was very dark so I just wasn't enjoying myself

Food today:

Breakfast: as always, All Bran rules the morning

Lunch: another standard (OK it's only day 2, but I plan to keep it up until I go off cold lunches due to the weather) ham salad, with a sachet of instant miso soup

Dinner: stir fry veggies with tofu that had been marinated all day in Ainsley Harriott's marinade for lemon and garlic chicken with coriander and then baked. (OK, OK, over baked - it's the small blackened pieces in with the nice colourful veggies...

Snacks: Greek yoghurt; 2 apples & Babybel. OK, and a small bag of Minstrels.

Stay Healthy Chrissie

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