Monday, 10 December 2012

Bloated & gross

The weekend was both wonderful and terrible... Our meal out at the Waterside Inn in Bray was one of the best meals I've ever had. I told them in advance I wanted gluten free and my dad didn't eat cheese, and they provided us with proper variations or alternatives, no 'just take the bread off' type shortcuts at all. Unfortunately we all decided to take a wine pairing with the meal, and that combined with miscellaneous pre-lunch drinks, cognac after, and carrying on all evening left me hung-over - and it kicked in during the night, so I barely slept. On Sunday I had to work for an hour or so, and as soon as that was done I returned to the beer that bit me and drank too much again. Plus I've now realized that when I'm hung-over I don't just crave crappy fat & carby food like most people, I actively crave gluten-bearing carbs... I ate quite a bit of non-gf bread yesterday, and between that and the beer, today I feel like I swallowed a truck. Not a small truck, more an articulated lorry...
I also have a slight headache and wish today was over already...
Photos of the best meal in my memory (to be fair to other restaurants I've been to, I often can't remember meals because of the quantity of wine imbibed... But this one still does seem outstanding to me)




Food today (bleck bleurgh yuck aarrgh)

Breakfast: all bran

Lunch: split pea soup (for more fibre)


Dinner: slow cooker hot and sour soup


Snacks: 230,345,122 cups of coffee (for the caffeine AND the diuretic effect) and rooibos tea (to rehydrate) and 12 litres of water to flush out my system

Weight: if you read this far you should already have guessed I didn't risk getting on the scales again today...

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