Monday, 10 December 2012

Bloated & gross

The weekend was both wonderful and terrible... Our meal out at the Waterside Inn in Bray was one of the best meals I've ever had. I told them in advance I wanted gluten free and my dad didn't eat cheese, and they provided us with proper variations or alternatives, no 'just take the bread off' type shortcuts at all. Unfortunately we all decided to take a wine pairing with the meal, and that combined with miscellaneous pre-lunch drinks, cognac after, and carrying on all evening left me hung-over - and it kicked in during the night, so I barely slept. On Sunday I had to work for an hour or so, and as soon as that was done I returned to the beer that bit me and drank too much again. Plus I've now realized that when I'm hung-over I don't just crave crappy fat & carby food like most people, I actively crave gluten-bearing carbs... I ate quite a bit of non-gf bread yesterday, and between that and the beer, today I feel like I swallowed a truck. Not a small truck, more an articulated lorry...
I also have a slight headache and wish today was over already...
Photos of the best meal in my memory (to be fair to other restaurants I've been to, I often can't remember meals because of the quantity of wine imbibed... But this one still does seem outstanding to me)




Food today (bleck bleurgh yuck aarrgh)

Breakfast: all bran

Lunch: split pea soup (for more fibre)


Dinner: slow cooker hot and sour soup


Snacks: 230,345,122 cups of coffee (for the caffeine AND the diuretic effect) and rooibos tea (to rehydrate) and 12 litres of water to flush out my system

Weight: if you read this far you should already have guessed I didn't risk getting on the scales again today...

Friday, 7 December 2012

Less frustrated today

I took... steps, and a pill, to deal with my constipation yesterday and while I can't say I feel light as a feather today I will say I feel more human! A happy digestive system = a happy Chrissie ;-)
And Friday is always good as well... Even though I'm working from home on Sunday again. Tomorrow of course I have a massive and calorific lunch coming, and my Dad & his wife are visiting so I'm looking forward to that, although on the diet front I'd prefer to put it off till about June 2014... By which time I'd probably still be wishing I had lost all the weight first!
For the second time, today laziness & procrastination saved me from temptation... My lunchtime soup was not incredibly filling, but I was too lazy to shop for more food... Then someone brought cookies and doughnuts in and I procrastinated over the Rolo cookies until they all disappeared - who'd have thought two of my worse personality traits could prove so useful??? Maybe I should embrace my inner sloth instead of bemoaning my lack of fitness...

Food today:

Breakfast: All Bran with blueberries etc

Lunch: raw ginger soup

Dinner: slow cooker turkey casserole that simmered away all day while I was at work

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with stewed apple; unstewed apples with a mini Babybel lite

Dinner: slow cooker turkey casserole that simmered away all day while I was at work

Snacks: Greek yoghurt with stewed apple; unstewed apples with a mini Babybel lite

Stay Healthy Chrissie

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Very frustrated

The problem with calorie counting is its slow - unless you're restricting an unhealthy amount. I know this, and did before I started again, and I'm already having to keep reminding myself of the fact... I have only gone over my calories a couple of times, and I'm constipated again and I'm fed up of my clothes not feeling any looser at all...

I need a reality check, so here it is:

Things I've tried that promised quicker results:

Atkins (for 1 day!)
Alternate Day Fasting
Raw diet

Things I struck to for more than 24 hours before caving and bingeing:

Alternate Day Fasting
Raw Diet

Things that helped me lose nearly 50 lbs:

Calorie counting with sensible exercise (and by the way, at the start I had back trouble...)

Does this tell me extreme dieting doesn't work???

Frankly, no - it just tells me I'm weak and gave up too easily with the extreme diets, because I'm frustrated at the slowness.

I'm fed up. FED UP. And not happy with myself. Except when it comes to mince pies, see below....
(Just in case you were missing the regular moan about the weather - when I left for work this morning it was -3. -3!!! One of my crazy colleagues was out running at 5am in a temp of -7. Yeah. He's crazy. But he's not fat....)

Boring food today (I'm not bitter.... ;-)):

Breakfast: All Bran (Oh come on - you don't need to see it again do you????)

Lunch: salad with turkey mince dry fried with Italian seasoning

Dinner: raw carrot ginger soup
Snacks: Greek yoghurt flavoured with home-made applesauce;

apple & Babybel. Nearly a Kiplings mince pie that someone brought in to work - but I managed to stay strong until they were all gone!

Stay Healthy Chrissie

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


This morning it snowed in Berkshire for approximately the length of time it took me to drive to work, along my route to work, at the time I was driving in. M left half an hour earlier and saw no snow at all. Have I mentioned I hate driving in the snow????  Then later it became 'freezing rain' which I assume is just another expression for sleet, before the sun came out eventually. (Here ends the weather report for today ;) )
This morning I got up BEFORE the alarm went off!!! That used to be the norm for me and I much prefer that to my recent hit the snooze button issue. Hopefully taking vitamin D is helping and soon I might even have the energy to train in some useful way... Not today though, but I did walk a couple of miles after work in the cold and in the dark. I would have done more, but it was very dark so I just wasn't enjoying myself

Food today:

Breakfast: as always, All Bran rules the morning

Lunch: another standard (OK it's only day 2, but I plan to keep it up until I go off cold lunches due to the weather) ham salad, with a sachet of instant miso soup

Dinner: stir fry veggies with tofu that had been marinated all day in Ainsley Harriott's marinade for lemon and garlic chicken with coriander and then baked. (OK, OK, over baked - it's the small blackened pieces in with the nice colourful veggies...

Snacks: Greek yoghurt; 2 apples & Babybel. OK, and a small bag of Minstrels.

Stay Healthy Chrissie

Tuesday, 4 December 2012


Today has been a really tedious day at work, so much so that I wasn't sure I was going to make it to lunchtime without frothing at the mouth. I was basically updating tests I wrote a couple of months ago to reflect the changes to the software that have happened since then. If that doesn't sound dull enough to make you want to gouge out your own eyes with a biro (and I'm pretty sure it does) then you never wrote a test script....
I'm still struggling to get out of bed in the morning. Today I did 20 pushups straight away - before I was awake enough to register whether I had back ache or not. The answer was yes, a little, but no more than I'm the average no-exercise at all day, so I might risk doing that again. I reluctantly drove a load of glass to the recycling bin this morning, its been waiting for me to feel like walking it there but I chickened out, as the rucksack was very heavy and the effort of putting it on seemed dodgy, even though the weight would've been evenly distributed once it was on.

Food today:
Breakfast: all bran with fruit


Lunch: ham salad followed by melon chunks


Dinner: omelette & new potatoes


Snacks: Greek yoghurt; apple & Babybel

Monday, 3 December 2012

The start of another week

Monday morning is always hard. But sooo much harder the day after your coffee maker sprang a leak... I had to make do with green tea at home (so not the same - and though we do have instant coffee for visiting wimps, it was out of my semi-crippled reach) and a pit stop at Costa coffee on the way to work today - I've ordered a new coffee maker and I'm praying it arrives really soon! I guess as it was ordered yesterday it probably won't arrive today :-(
Weirdly I didn't have to battle the urge to eat extra food today at all, much less feel tempted to binge. That’s obviously good - great even, especially as someone in the office brought in cream cakes that I totally ignored - I just wish I understood what makes it so easy one day & so impossible another... Even though I was no less tired or bored than usual today. I'll take it when I get it though, and no complaints!

Food today:

Breakfast: all bran with raisins & peaches


Lunch: homemade soup (same as yesterday)

Dinner: Bolognese sauce on spiralized courgette & shredded cabbage 'noodles'


Snacks: pop chips; apple & Babybel; Greek yoghurt sweetened with a splash of sugar free syrup


After my strange episode of evil temper on Friday, the weekend was a lot calmer - though not necessarily better from a diet perspective. On Saturday I went to Tesco for my big shop and bought a chocolate bun and enough dried fruit for the week - then ate it all in the morning. M and I went out for lunch & both had 3 courses with wine. On the slightly more positive side I then didn't ear again till Sunday, and Sunday itself was pretty ok. On the exercise front the whole thing was a dead loss as my back pain paid another visit (at this rate I'll have to rename this blog - maybe Bad back, worse attitude??? Or bad back, bad mood???) So my only exercise was housework.
I'm on holiday in 3 weeks so now I want to bite the bullet until then - with the exception of this Saturday, when my dad & his wife are visiting and we're all going out for a very indulgent lunch. One meal doesn't need to totally derail the diet effort though, unless I let it - which would, of course, be totally in character these days. I'm starting to wonder if subconsciously I don't want to lose the weight because then I'll have to switch to maintaining and I'm not good at that...
I didn't weigh myself yesterday or today as I want to get rid of the excess food 'in transit' first - otherwise I'm likely to decide there's just no point in even trying to lose weight before the holiday and therefore I might as well just binge every day for 3 weeks...

Saturday food:
Breakfast: oats with whey and fruit plus a (truly wonderful) chocolate bun that was probably about 3000 calories all by itself


Lunch: we shared a meat platter for a starter:


Followed by a fillet steak with chunky chips and a shared tomato & red onion salad:


Then chocolate fudge cake (unlike the rest of the meal, this was disappointing)


Dinner: nothing

Snacks: apricots, dates, dried pineapple & apple

Sunday food:
Breakfast: all bran


Lunch: homemade soup


Dinner: roast dinner based on Tesco Christmas 3 bird roast as I will be away on Christmas day


Snacks: pop chips & a protein cookie

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sub zero Friday (I wrote this yesterday honest)

When I went out to my car this morning it was sparkling in the light of next door's outdoor Christmas lights... Very thick frost, all my windows opaque and frozen shut... It took ten minutes for the car to defrost enough to see out so I could drive in. At least its been dry enough the last few days that the local flooding is clearing, although at least one road is still closed and the disruption to trains continues... Happily I'm not going anywhere this weekend so I don't need to care too much what the weather's doing.
By the end of my training yesterday I was getting some twinges in my - ah - lower back (ok, bum!) and they continued today so I didn't train again after work. Definitely feeling better over all after 2 days working up a sweat in a row (but still finding it sooo hard to get up in the morning - something I have never had trouble with before! This morning I hit the snooze button TWICE for the first time ever! I've started to take a vitamin D supplement in the hope it will brighten me up a bit, too soon yet to say if its working. I was so hungry all day today, I'm thinking its hormonal but I suppose it could be my body looking for a reward for training twice... On second thoughts, judging by the stomach cramps & lower back pain, definitely hormonal and it led to me eating an obscene amount of chocolate & general sugar despite healthy, nutritious and in some cases tasty planned food.. That wasn't the only effect either, I'm not usually one for the pms-ing, but around lunchtime I became horrendously furious for no reason - I'm talking head spinning, seething, bubbling cauldron of rage & hatred against the whole world... It wore off eventually with some help from chopping innocent veggies, hugging M and watching Todd & the book of pure evil, but that's why you didn't get this post yesterday - I couldn't expose you lovely people to my horribleness. For which you should really be very grateful...

Food Friday:

Breakfast: steel cut oats with blueberries, whey & hemp seeds*
Lunch: Amy's kitchen rustic Italian vegetable soup; melon wedges*
Dinner: a weird yet almost healthy melange of Brussels sprouts, cavolo nero, onion, mushrooms & courgette, all sautéed in coconut oil and then sprayed with a tiny bit of braggs liquid aminos*
Snacks : pop chips, cottage cheese & blueberries, 123,456,789,000 chocolate bars / cookies / peanut m & m's...

* I have photos on my camera but I'm in bed blogging on an ipad so can't upload them right now

Weight: 153 lbs and why did I go apeshit when finally showing some progress, why oh why???