Monday, 26 November 2012

What I did at the weekend

Sorry, was there a weekend in there somewhere? I think I missed it...

Saturday I drove down to see my Mum & her OH through heavy fog then light drizzle which turned into heavy rain. We went to Wetherspoons for lunch (and I behaved myself) and otherwise stayed in talking non-stop and trying not to listen to the rain. My brother came over in the afternoon so we had a good family get together and talked incessantly! Around about the time I left to drive home the rain got even harder and I battled my way up the M4 through almost impenetrable spray and rain in the dark - my least favourite combination of driving conditions. It was worth it though! I got home, cooked dinner, then literally fell into bed at 7pm and slept almost straight through till 6am on Sunday.

I woke up Sunday in agony with back pain I could hardly believe and had to take 2 Paramol tablets just to get downstairs... I must have either driven home as tense as a ball of wire or slept tied up in knots like a pretzel - maybe both. I'd agreed to work Sunday morning from home - we planned to start at 9:30 and expected it to take an hour at most. Yes. I logged on at 9:20 and logged off at 3:20 pm... not the best Sunday I ever had. Most of the time I was lying on the sofa staring at the monitor of my work laptop and sending plaintive IMs to find out what was going on...

Weekend food mishmash, I think its fairly self explanatory:


Food today (Monday):
Breakfast: old faithful - all bran with peach & raisins


Lunch: Ani’s Fat Blast raw soup – Smooth Operator


Dinner: More soup, cooked this time, Skinny Route 66 Red pepper soup – topped with some nutritional yeast for an extra boost (why does that stuff have to smell like ass????)


Snacks: 1 persimmon, an apple & Babybel, a tub of fat free Greek yoghurt with a touch of sugar free caramel syrup to sweeten it; Myprotein protein cookie


Weight: 153 lbs

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