Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tedious Tuesday

I finished work early yesterday - time off in lieu for the 6 hours on Sunday. As my back was so painful I just lay on the sofa watching TV all afternoon - just what I needed after my busy weekend!

This morning my back felt fine and sadly it was time to go back to work - for a full, normal day unfortunately... I've been bored rigid all day, had to go for a very short walk at lunchtime so the icy cold wind could wake me up (it did - but only while I was outside). As a result I snacked a bit around lunchtime and had to rejig dinner to fit into my calories for the day. At least I didn't eat so much I had to miss dinner altogether...

I've been drinking a little bit lately, we have a load of spirits that were purchased for cocktails ages ago and while I'm trying to get some weight off I don't want to drink. I've not been going mad, mostly just adding some rum to diet Cokes, but now I've decided to cut it out altogether for a few weeks - it seems stupid to watch & record what I'm eating and then drink extra calories in the evening...

Food today:

Breakfast: All Bran blah blah blah


Lunch: Amy's Kitchen split pea soup, bag of caramel snack a jack's, Freddo...


Dinner: prawn, pea and feta pasta – using shirataki noodles instead of pasta


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; pineapple fruit roll ups; apple & Babybel

Weight: 154.5 lbs

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