Monday, 19 November 2012

Refreshed & reinvigorated...?

That remains to be seen... But being un-accountable (non-accountable?) hasn't been working for me any more than being obsessive was, and with the added downside of feeling cut off and alone too...

So, bear with me if you can and I'm going to try to start back at the beginning with what has always worked (when I really do it) - bog standard, unglamorous, no quick-fix calorie counting, meal photographing, daily weighing and reporting. I give it a week before I start looking online for a site that sells tapeworms, but fingers crossed I'll surprise myself - and you as well!
At the weekend my husband's parents came up and we went to see Skyfall at the Odeon in London - the cinema where they bring food and cocktails to your electrically reclining leather seat. It was a great day out, (and I really enjoyed the movie as well as the drinks Martini glass )
Over the whole weekend I walked maybe a total of 8 - 10 miles and started to feel much more like myself, after a long period of stagnation when even walking in the sunshine seemed too much effort! Yesterday was glorious, though cold, and I caught the train into Reading for the morning to walk to Caversham for a bit of a change. I was even walking up and down the platform for about 15 minutes instead of sitting down (that might be partly due to the freezing cold metal seats in the station, but that doesn't mean it wasn't better than just parking my fat ass!)

This morning I got up & went straight out for another walk - just over 2 miles as I obviously had to get ready for work. I loaded my rucksack up with glass recycling but didn't deposit it as the bottle banks around us are in built up areas and it seemed too early (about 5:30 am) to crash around with glass. I went out again after work, just one mile this time though. Feels good to start getting out and about again, and because I’ve had quite a bit of back and neck pain lately I’m quite happy to take it slowly.

Food today:
Breakfast: steel cut oats with banana, whey, almond milk & flaked almonds


Lunch: a can of Amy's split pea soup


Dinner: gf Shirataki noodles with prawns & feta cheese in tomato & basil pasta sauce


Snacks: apple with Babybel lite; a pack of edamame beans; a bag of Pop chips

Weight: 157.5 lbs

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  1. I always feel the same way when I stop blogging - I think that I'll suddenly go out there and be free with everything because I resent being accountable (though this is in my head because I don't have a weight loss blog, per se - it would be a p*ss poor one if I did!) but then I'm just as utterly miserable as when I did blog, and lonely on top of that.

    I think you're right to go for good old-fashioned calorie-counting and less of the fads/gimmicks. I really hope this it the start of a good run for you!

  2. Have you ever thought about going to a fitness class, such as Body Combat? It's great exercise, FUN , sociable, gets out any pent up aggression, & there are lower impact options for those with bad knees and stuff.
    I always leave the class feeling lighter, less stressed/depressed, invigorated & better about myself.

    I think someone like yourself would love something like this, & benefit from it:).