Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nearly a (working) week

Must get more active. Must get more active. I've been having some back pain over the last month or so (did I mention that already??? Embarrassed smile) and combining that with my general 'can't be assed' malaise has led to me doing nothing - not even walking on lovely wintry days. At the same time I've also had more headaches, less energy & much more trouble sleeping. Vastly overdue light bulb moment - maybe all of that is because I haven't been getting any exercise, not the other way around????
Man, I can be slow sometimes. Now that I've finally realized what my body has been screaming at me for the last 6 weeks at least, what do I do about it? I still don't want to hurt my back more, so I need to build up rather than my normal all or nothing approach that takes me from flat on my back to trying for 100 pushups in one day. I prefer training in the morning, but we have neighbours in houses attached to ours now so I don't want to be antisocial, so the (surprisingly noisy) mountain climber is out of the question in the mornings. That leaves walking or running, or improvising a circuit of body weight exercises I can do in the bedroom without waking anyone - which might be a lot more appealing as the mornings get darker, colder & wetter. I have to work something out - watch this space...

Food today:
Breakfast: all bran of course - with blueberries, banana & raisins


Lunch: quinoa salad with tofu followed by a Muller light yoghurt & some dried fruit


Dinner: home-made 'chuck every thing in' soup


Weight: 155lbs

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