Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Keeping it up...

I don't feel entirely back in control after my recent (undocumented) relapse into bingeing, but I'm trying to take it a day at a time, and trying to remind myself that this is how I did it last time I succeeded at weight loss. I have a holiday coming up, and while I don't stand a chance of getting down to the weight I want in time I can be a lot happier with my reflection than I currently am - which is an achievement in itself, and plenty to work towards. Or so I'm trying to convince myself.
Unfortunately I didn't get a pre-work walk this morning as my back was bothering me; luckily it was rainy & windy so I didn't feel deprived about it. Except for wishing the weather was likely to improve enough for a walk later in the day. And I hate driving to work in the dark & rain, especially when I then have to sit in my car waiting for someone to unlock the door so I can get in... Ok, moan over. Maybe. I did do some household tidying type chores, which needed doing even if I often try to pretend they don't. So that was productive.

Unintended diet help of the day.... I forgot my purse today! I took it out of my handbag last night for my post-work walk, and failed to replace it in there. Not something I plan to do often - I'll happily leave my cash in the car to make it less accessible, but not having any in case of emergency - not even having a credit card - that's a different story! Possibly because it wasn't an option I did find myself thinking a bit about the vending machine and its load of lovely chocolate after discovering my mistake...

Food today:
Breakfast: gf oats with banana, whey & flax, and a little sprinkle of cacao nibs stirred in for a texture contrast


Lunch: Buckwheat salad with ham, a mini Babybel & vegetables. I forgot to photograph it - hey, I've been out of the habit for a while now!

Dinner: chicken with peanut butter, Shirataki noodles & steamed broccoli


Snacks: Greek yoghurt flavoured with a little sugar free caramel syrup; apple & 2 pears

Weight: 156.25 lbs

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