Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Forgot my mobile phone today – aarrggh!

How can it be so hard to manage without something so small?

I use it, usually, to track my food, surf the net, email, write shopping lists, write To Do lists, plan exercise plans that never get implemented, throw together my blog posts…. And generally kill time when I’m bored out of my mind. Only at lunch time, of course…  and today I actually had been planning to use it for making a phone call as well!!! Would you believe it???

Ah well, there it is – the day started out with me feeling so tired and groggy I had trouble getting out of bed. I was bumbling around, dropping things all over the place, and I fell into the shower without remembering to weigh myself, believe it or not… I don’t know why I was so tired, I think I actually slept quite well by my standards – but then I’m tired most of the time at the moment. I guess its lack of exercise, fresh air and daylight… I know I keep saying this, but I really must start doing something, even a little is better than nothing. All I’ve done so far this week is walk around the office to get to the bathroom as my normal, nearest bathroom is closed for refurbishment. The replacement one is up a whole 1 flight of stairs, too! My back feels OK again today so I can’t claim that as an excuse any more, now its crunch time (not literally – I hate crunches Open-mouthed smile )

Will somebody please comment with a kick up the backside tomorrow if I still haven’t done anything, I clearly need help getting started! I really like the idea of doing something like Body Combat as someone Anonymous suggested (please leave your name or nickname so I don’t have to sound like I can’t be bothered to figure out who you are!!!) – but as I can’t even be bothered to train in the comfort of my own house at the moment I think that sort of thing will have to wait until I find my missing mojo… Though I have looked around and found a possible class in the area for when I do feel up to it.

ETA: Yay!!! 40 minutes on the mountain climber after work – I ROCK!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins and cacao nibs

Lunch: Buckwheat salad with ham and veggies


Dinner: ‘Omelette primavera’ – 2 eggs with asparagus, courgette & peas


Snacks: Protein bar; snickers bar (oops! that was my mobile-less madness coming through…)

Weight: It’s a mystery….

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