Friday, 23 November 2012

Finally Friday!

Well, a full work week of calorie counting complete and I'm sort of settling into it now I think. Not to say I'm being perfect - but I'm now recording what I shouldn't be ingesting... Such as a can of pear cider & 2 small bottles of Blue Moon American craft beer after I posted yesterday. (loved this stuff since my first day of my first San Francisco visit - and my local Tesco stocks it! Yay! Though it tastes better in CA...)

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a little hung-over today - talk about a lightweight!!! Still, I'm determined not to fall into the fatty greasy sugary food pit that I usually use to cure a hangover today!

Tomorrow I'm visiting my mum, which leaves me less in control of my food so I'll have to stay aware of the risks I'm facing... They were planning to visit us, but my mum's other half is having trouble healing from his second knee replacement op so we've decided not to inflict a long drive on him just now. As a happy coincidence her town is having its Christmas fayre tomorrow afternoon, so weather permitting (rain is forecast Steaming mad ) we'll be popping out for that.

Food today:
Breakfast: all bran with raisins & peach (tinned in juice)


Lunch: quinoa salad with turkey breast mince that had been dry-fried with seasoned salt


Dinner: vegetable fried rice


Snacks: apple & Babybel; cottage cheese & blueberries


Weight: 155.4lbs. Booze...

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