Thursday, 29 November 2012

Working from home

I worked from home today as I had to make a doctor's appointment and the surgery I go to has a ridiculous policy of only making appointments on the day, for that day. It took half an hour just to get through on the phone, but they were able to fit me in at 11 so I just took an early long lunch break, and after my appointment fitted in a session on the mountain climber - 40 mins again! I was getting a few twinges on my back by the end but I think they've worn off now. It was nice working from home - casual dress, no one talking about football incessantly, and a comfy sofa to sit on while I worked - not to mention of course, access to the mountain climber and the shower, two things they do not have in the office!

Food today:
Breakfast: steel cut oats with blueberries, flax & whey


Lunch : 'Smooth operator' raw soup


Dinner: Pan fried venison steak with potatoes dauphinois and salad


Snacks: protein cookie, gf toast with jam; cottage cheese sweetened with a little syrup

Weight: 155 lbs grrr

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Forgot my mobile phone today – aarrggh!

How can it be so hard to manage without something so small?

I use it, usually, to track my food, surf the net, email, write shopping lists, write To Do lists, plan exercise plans that never get implemented, throw together my blog posts…. And generally kill time when I’m bored out of my mind. Only at lunch time, of course…  and today I actually had been planning to use it for making a phone call as well!!! Would you believe it???

Ah well, there it is – the day started out with me feeling so tired and groggy I had trouble getting out of bed. I was bumbling around, dropping things all over the place, and I fell into the shower without remembering to weigh myself, believe it or not… I don’t know why I was so tired, I think I actually slept quite well by my standards – but then I’m tired most of the time at the moment. I guess its lack of exercise, fresh air and daylight… I know I keep saying this, but I really must start doing something, even a little is better than nothing. All I’ve done so far this week is walk around the office to get to the bathroom as my normal, nearest bathroom is closed for refurbishment. The replacement one is up a whole 1 flight of stairs, too! My back feels OK again today so I can’t claim that as an excuse any more, now its crunch time (not literally – I hate crunches Open-mouthed smile )

Will somebody please comment with a kick up the backside tomorrow if I still haven’t done anything, I clearly need help getting started! I really like the idea of doing something like Body Combat as someone Anonymous suggested (please leave your name or nickname so I don’t have to sound like I can’t be bothered to figure out who you are!!!) – but as I can’t even be bothered to train in the comfort of my own house at the moment I think that sort of thing will have to wait until I find my missing mojo… Though I have looked around and found a possible class in the area for when I do feel up to it.

ETA: Yay!!! 40 minutes on the mountain climber after work – I ROCK!!!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins and cacao nibs

Lunch: Buckwheat salad with ham and veggies


Dinner: ‘Omelette primavera’ – 2 eggs with asparagus, courgette & peas


Snacks: Protein bar; snickers bar (oops! that was my mobile-less madness coming through…)

Weight: It’s a mystery….

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tedious Tuesday

I finished work early yesterday - time off in lieu for the 6 hours on Sunday. As my back was so painful I just lay on the sofa watching TV all afternoon - just what I needed after my busy weekend!

This morning my back felt fine and sadly it was time to go back to work - for a full, normal day unfortunately... I've been bored rigid all day, had to go for a very short walk at lunchtime so the icy cold wind could wake me up (it did - but only while I was outside). As a result I snacked a bit around lunchtime and had to rejig dinner to fit into my calories for the day. At least I didn't eat so much I had to miss dinner altogether...

I've been drinking a little bit lately, we have a load of spirits that were purchased for cocktails ages ago and while I'm trying to get some weight off I don't want to drink. I've not been going mad, mostly just adding some rum to diet Cokes, but now I've decided to cut it out altogether for a few weeks - it seems stupid to watch & record what I'm eating and then drink extra calories in the evening...

Food today:

Breakfast: All Bran blah blah blah


Lunch: Amy's Kitchen split pea soup, bag of caramel snack a jack's, Freddo...


Dinner: prawn, pea and feta pasta – using shirataki noodles instead of pasta


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with blueberries; pineapple fruit roll ups; apple & Babybel

Weight: 154.5 lbs

Monday, 26 November 2012

What I did at the weekend

Sorry, was there a weekend in there somewhere? I think I missed it...

Saturday I drove down to see my Mum & her OH through heavy fog then light drizzle which turned into heavy rain. We went to Wetherspoons for lunch (and I behaved myself) and otherwise stayed in talking non-stop and trying not to listen to the rain. My brother came over in the afternoon so we had a good family get together and talked incessantly! Around about the time I left to drive home the rain got even harder and I battled my way up the M4 through almost impenetrable spray and rain in the dark - my least favourite combination of driving conditions. It was worth it though! I got home, cooked dinner, then literally fell into bed at 7pm and slept almost straight through till 6am on Sunday.

I woke up Sunday in agony with back pain I could hardly believe and had to take 2 Paramol tablets just to get downstairs... I must have either driven home as tense as a ball of wire or slept tied up in knots like a pretzel - maybe both. I'd agreed to work Sunday morning from home - we planned to start at 9:30 and expected it to take an hour at most. Yes. I logged on at 9:20 and logged off at 3:20 pm... not the best Sunday I ever had. Most of the time I was lying on the sofa staring at the monitor of my work laptop and sending plaintive IMs to find out what was going on...

Weekend food mishmash, I think its fairly self explanatory:


Food today (Monday):
Breakfast: old faithful - all bran with peach & raisins


Lunch: Ani’s Fat Blast raw soup – Smooth Operator


Dinner: More soup, cooked this time, Skinny Route 66 Red pepper soup – topped with some nutritional yeast for an extra boost (why does that stuff have to smell like ass????)


Snacks: 1 persimmon, an apple & Babybel, a tub of fat free Greek yoghurt with a touch of sugar free caramel syrup to sweeten it; Myprotein protein cookie


Weight: 153 lbs

Friday, 23 November 2012

Finally Friday!

Well, a full work week of calorie counting complete and I'm sort of settling into it now I think. Not to say I'm being perfect - but I'm now recording what I shouldn't be ingesting... Such as a can of pear cider & 2 small bottles of Blue Moon American craft beer after I posted yesterday. (loved this stuff since my first day of my first San Francisco visit - and my local Tesco stocks it! Yay! Though it tastes better in CA...)

I'm ashamed to admit that I'm a little hung-over today - talk about a lightweight!!! Still, I'm determined not to fall into the fatty greasy sugary food pit that I usually use to cure a hangover today!

Tomorrow I'm visiting my mum, which leaves me less in control of my food so I'll have to stay aware of the risks I'm facing... They were planning to visit us, but my mum's other half is having trouble healing from his second knee replacement op so we've decided not to inflict a long drive on him just now. As a happy coincidence her town is having its Christmas fayre tomorrow afternoon, so weather permitting (rain is forecast Steaming mad ) we'll be popping out for that.

Food today:
Breakfast: all bran with raisins & peach (tinned in juice)


Lunch: quinoa salad with turkey breast mince that had been dry-fried with seasoned salt


Dinner: vegetable fried rice


Snacks: apple & Babybel; cottage cheese & blueberries


Weight: 155.4lbs. Booze...

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nearly a (working) week

Must get more active. Must get more active. I've been having some back pain over the last month or so (did I mention that already??? Embarrassed smile) and combining that with my general 'can't be assed' malaise has led to me doing nothing - not even walking on lovely wintry days. At the same time I've also had more headaches, less energy & much more trouble sleeping. Vastly overdue light bulb moment - maybe all of that is because I haven't been getting any exercise, not the other way around????
Man, I can be slow sometimes. Now that I've finally realized what my body has been screaming at me for the last 6 weeks at least, what do I do about it? I still don't want to hurt my back more, so I need to build up rather than my normal all or nothing approach that takes me from flat on my back to trying for 100 pushups in one day. I prefer training in the morning, but we have neighbours in houses attached to ours now so I don't want to be antisocial, so the (surprisingly noisy) mountain climber is out of the question in the mornings. That leaves walking or running, or improvising a circuit of body weight exercises I can do in the bedroom without waking anyone - which might be a lot more appealing as the mornings get darker, colder & wetter. I have to work something out - watch this space...

Food today:
Breakfast: all bran of course - with blueberries, banana & raisins


Lunch: quinoa salad with tofu followed by a Muller light yoghurt & some dried fruit


Dinner: home-made 'chuck every thing in' soup


Weight: 155lbs

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Is it Wednesday already?

Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit...
It feels more like Friday than Wednesday to be honest. Everybody say it with me: I HATE RAIN. I HATE RAIN. Gah. Bloody weather.
Haven't been for a walk again yet. I know I shouldn't let myself be put off if I'm serious about being more active, but come on... I was further encouraged to be lazy by more back pain. I'm quite willing to walk when the pain is between my shoulder blades - which has happened lately, or roughly in the kidney area (which has often been a problem for me) but at the moment its.... well, lower... Ok, so I actually have a pain on my ass, and that takes away a lot of the fun when it comes to walking!!!

At least I'm still calorie counting. And still feeling more in control than I have for a while, thank god. Although that doesn't stop me wishing I was losing 3lbs a day, fat, muscle or water, I don't even care...

Food today:
Breakfast: all bran with blueberries & raisins for a change...


Lunch: big salad with (deli) chicken


Dinner: more poultry... Turkey & soy mince chilli, lazily made using a jar of Uncle Ben's hot chilli sauce in a jar, with cauliflower rice. It may be lazy but its also spicy, rich & flavourful!


Snacks: 2 Vegetable smoothies

Weight: 155.25lbs

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Keeping it up...

I don't feel entirely back in control after my recent (undocumented) relapse into bingeing, but I'm trying to take it a day at a time, and trying to remind myself that this is how I did it last time I succeeded at weight loss. I have a holiday coming up, and while I don't stand a chance of getting down to the weight I want in time I can be a lot happier with my reflection than I currently am - which is an achievement in itself, and plenty to work towards. Or so I'm trying to convince myself.
Unfortunately I didn't get a pre-work walk this morning as my back was bothering me; luckily it was rainy & windy so I didn't feel deprived about it. Except for wishing the weather was likely to improve enough for a walk later in the day. And I hate driving to work in the dark & rain, especially when I then have to sit in my car waiting for someone to unlock the door so I can get in... Ok, moan over. Maybe. I did do some household tidying type chores, which needed doing even if I often try to pretend they don't. So that was productive.

Unintended diet help of the day.... I forgot my purse today! I took it out of my handbag last night for my post-work walk, and failed to replace it in there. Not something I plan to do often - I'll happily leave my cash in the car to make it less accessible, but not having any in case of emergency - not even having a credit card - that's a different story! Possibly because it wasn't an option I did find myself thinking a bit about the vending machine and its load of lovely chocolate after discovering my mistake...

Food today:
Breakfast: gf oats with banana, whey & flax, and a little sprinkle of cacao nibs stirred in for a texture contrast


Lunch: Buckwheat salad with ham, a mini Babybel & vegetables. I forgot to photograph it - hey, I've been out of the habit for a while now!

Dinner: chicken with peanut butter, Shirataki noodles & steamed broccoli


Snacks: Greek yoghurt flavoured with a little sugar free caramel syrup; apple & 2 pears

Weight: 156.25 lbs

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Monday, 19 November 2012

Refreshed & reinvigorated...?

That remains to be seen... But being un-accountable (non-accountable?) hasn't been working for me any more than being obsessive was, and with the added downside of feeling cut off and alone too...

So, bear with me if you can and I'm going to try to start back at the beginning with what has always worked (when I really do it) - bog standard, unglamorous, no quick-fix calorie counting, meal photographing, daily weighing and reporting. I give it a week before I start looking online for a site that sells tapeworms, but fingers crossed I'll surprise myself - and you as well!
At the weekend my husband's parents came up and we went to see Skyfall at the Odeon in London - the cinema where they bring food and cocktails to your electrically reclining leather seat. It was a great day out, (and I really enjoyed the movie as well as the drinks Martini glass )
Over the whole weekend I walked maybe a total of 8 - 10 miles and started to feel much more like myself, after a long period of stagnation when even walking in the sunshine seemed too much effort! Yesterday was glorious, though cold, and I caught the train into Reading for the morning to walk to Caversham for a bit of a change. I was even walking up and down the platform for about 15 minutes instead of sitting down (that might be partly due to the freezing cold metal seats in the station, but that doesn't mean it wasn't better than just parking my fat ass!)

This morning I got up & went straight out for another walk - just over 2 miles as I obviously had to get ready for work. I loaded my rucksack up with glass recycling but didn't deposit it as the bottle banks around us are in built up areas and it seemed too early (about 5:30 am) to crash around with glass. I went out again after work, just one mile this time though. Feels good to start getting out and about again, and because I’ve had quite a bit of back and neck pain lately I’m quite happy to take it slowly.

Food today:
Breakfast: steel cut oats with banana, whey, almond milk & flaked almonds


Lunch: a can of Amy's split pea soup


Dinner: gf Shirataki noodles with prawns & feta cheese in tomato & basil pasta sauce


Snacks: apple with Babybel lite; a pack of edamame beans; a bag of Pop chips

Weight: 157.5 lbs

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