Thursday, 18 October 2012


Blimey, its ages since I posted last .... Is anyone still out there? I wouldn't blame you if you've moved on to more prolific blogs in disgust... The funny thing is I miss blogging, and not doing it makes me feel more isolated and at a bit of a loose end, but at the same time I don't really feel like I have anything to post about these days, especially as I'm still not photographing meals. Hmm.
Well, last week there was a 3 day bingefest going on, it seems to have worn off now. Though not until after I rebelled against the gluten free thing on Saturday with a baguette for lunch and pizza for dinner then spent most of Sunday in bed groaning with a grossly distended stomach and some very antisocial gas issues...

I'm in a total exercise slump, barely going for walks let alone making it into the gym. Work is ok, my 6 weeks have been extended to 3 months so that's good... Damn, that sums up about a month of my life in one short uninteresting paragraph, that can't be good...

Stay Healthy



  1. I know the feeling - not blogging made me feel very isolated too, and as if I was missing some kind of purpose. Everything seemed very vague and pointless - it was a weird feeling! I also empathise with the stomach troubles - even the slightest bit of gluten sets me off now, including contamination from surfaces, cutlery etc.

    I'd still be reading whatever you decided to post about - I don't blog meals as regularly any more and it's quite liberating in some ways.

    Take care.


  2. Sometimes a break is good - but I do love seeing your daily pics!