Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Evening all

I felt a sudden blogging urge this morning, possibly because I was reading blogs earlier. While I've been on hiatus I've not been reading blogs very often because 
a) most of my favorites are food related (and I'm trying to think about food less) or exercise related (and I'm still not really doing any) 
b) other people continuing to blog while I have nothing to say makes me feel inadequate (even more than I already do). Especially if they have struggles and issues to work through and they use them to write meaningful, inspiring posts - and I let my struggles lead me to act like a pouty 13 yr old.

So, anything non-moany to say on this visit? Not a great deal... 

I'd planned to get back into long walks at the weekend but a stomach bug put paid to that idea - feeling like throwing up at any minute inspired me to spend hours in bed instead of on my feet. By Sunday I was doing enough better to catch a train into Reading, in search of miso - I'm still eating a fairly high raw diet (focusing on shakes & smoothies with nuts, seeds or avocados to boost calories & satiety) and I'd run out. As had every shop I tried (possibly the oriental food market had it in stock, but I'm stuck with items whose labels I can read or pictures I can recognise as I'm too embarrassed to ask for help), so I ended walking maybe 4 miles in total, still didn't find any, then walked a 2 miles round trip to Sainsbury on Monday & finally found it just as I was about to give up. So it was finally miso-flavoured raw soup for lunch today, yay! The search did give me an excuse to go into the oriental food market & buy some fun stuff so it was worth it! I was knackered Sunday evening though, which I think is down to the heavy rucksack I was carrying more than the walking.
This morning I did 20 push ups. Got to start somewhere I suppose... And a two mile walk at lunchtime... My god, I'm an athlete ;-D 

Stay healthy,

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