Monday, 29 October 2012


Well, I hardly slept last night or the night before... I couldn't face the thought of morning push ups, but I don't want to lose all momentum so I did them anyway - 40 today, but with a short pathetic collapse in the middle before finishing off.
Food was disastrous over the weekend, binges on Saturday & Sunday, I think due to lack of sleep...

Disaster of the day yesterday: I was cooking dinner for myself & M while also cooking some buckwheat groats for a lunch salad for today. My hob only has 4 rings, and as I was cooking spaghetti Bolognese (with one pan of evil whole-wheat spaghetti for M and one pan of lovely innocent Shirataki spaghetti for me) all 4 of them were fully in use. After about 10 minutes I started smelling this nasty burning plastic smell... I basically set fire to the handle of my steamer base, which I was using for my gf spaghetti... By the time I tracked down the source of the smell, emptied the food into a different pan, and took the pan outside in a vain attempt to stop it stinking out the house, the smell had reached every room on every floor, and it was still lingering on this morning... I brought the pan back indoors as I was leaving for work this morning, but haven't had time yet to investigate whether it will be salvageable or will need replacing. I miss my big welsh range cooker, the pans never had to be crammed together so tightly when I used that!

I worked for an hour yesterday, it went well and made me wish I could work from home instead of in the office occasionally - but that was probably just the novelty value...

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  1. The binging wasn't a response to lack of sleep, it was a response to lack of FOOD.