Monday, 29 October 2012


Well, I hardly slept last night or the night before... I couldn't face the thought of morning push ups, but I don't want to lose all momentum so I did them anyway - 40 today, but with a short pathetic collapse in the middle before finishing off.
Food was disastrous over the weekend, binges on Saturday & Sunday, I think due to lack of sleep...

Disaster of the day yesterday: I was cooking dinner for myself & M while also cooking some buckwheat groats for a lunch salad for today. My hob only has 4 rings, and as I was cooking spaghetti Bolognese (with one pan of evil whole-wheat spaghetti for M and one pan of lovely innocent Shirataki spaghetti for me) all 4 of them were fully in use. After about 10 minutes I started smelling this nasty burning plastic smell... I basically set fire to the handle of my steamer base, which I was using for my gf spaghetti... By the time I tracked down the source of the smell, emptied the food into a different pan, and took the pan outside in a vain attempt to stop it stinking out the house, the smell had reached every room on every floor, and it was still lingering on this morning... I brought the pan back indoors as I was leaving for work this morning, but haven't had time yet to investigate whether it will be salvageable or will need replacing. I miss my big welsh range cooker, the pans never had to be crammed together so tightly when I used that!

I worked for an hour yesterday, it went well and made me wish I could work from home instead of in the office occasionally - but that was probably just the novelty value...

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Twice in two days???

Diet-wise yesterday was the best day I've had for ages - I didn't eat a single unplanned mouthful (or want to). Was it because I posted on here? Probably not, but I'm willing to try to recreate the circumstances of yesterday as closely as possible...
I did 25 push ups this morning, but due to a combination of dreary wet weather and a short lunch break I didn't walk at lunchtime. So not really starting a routine as such. But I didn't overeat either, so there's something worth being pleased about. Every single good day is a victory! And I WILL be slim again!

Stay Healthy

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Evening all

I felt a sudden blogging urge this morning, possibly because I was reading blogs earlier. While I've been on hiatus I've not been reading blogs very often because 
a) most of my favorites are food related (and I'm trying to think about food less) or exercise related (and I'm still not really doing any) 
b) other people continuing to blog while I have nothing to say makes me feel inadequate (even more than I already do). Especially if they have struggles and issues to work through and they use them to write meaningful, inspiring posts - and I let my struggles lead me to act like a pouty 13 yr old.

So, anything non-moany to say on this visit? Not a great deal... 

I'd planned to get back into long walks at the weekend but a stomach bug put paid to that idea - feeling like throwing up at any minute inspired me to spend hours in bed instead of on my feet. By Sunday I was doing enough better to catch a train into Reading, in search of miso - I'm still eating a fairly high raw diet (focusing on shakes & smoothies with nuts, seeds or avocados to boost calories & satiety) and I'd run out. As had every shop I tried (possibly the oriental food market had it in stock, but I'm stuck with items whose labels I can read or pictures I can recognise as I'm too embarrassed to ask for help), so I ended walking maybe 4 miles in total, still didn't find any, then walked a 2 miles round trip to Sainsbury on Monday & finally found it just as I was about to give up. So it was finally miso-flavoured raw soup for lunch today, yay! The search did give me an excuse to go into the oriental food market & buy some fun stuff so it was worth it! I was knackered Sunday evening though, which I think is down to the heavy rucksack I was carrying more than the walking.
This morning I did 20 push ups. Got to start somewhere I suppose... And a two mile walk at lunchtime... My god, I'm an athlete ;-D 

Stay healthy,

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Blimey, its ages since I posted last .... Is anyone still out there? I wouldn't blame you if you've moved on to more prolific blogs in disgust... The funny thing is I miss blogging, and not doing it makes me feel more isolated and at a bit of a loose end, but at the same time I don't really feel like I have anything to post about these days, especially as I'm still not photographing meals. Hmm.
Well, last week there was a 3 day bingefest going on, it seems to have worn off now. Though not until after I rebelled against the gluten free thing on Saturday with a baguette for lunch and pizza for dinner then spent most of Sunday in bed groaning with a grossly distended stomach and some very antisocial gas issues...

I'm in a total exercise slump, barely going for walks let alone making it into the gym. Work is ok, my 6 weeks have been extended to 3 months so that's good... Damn, that sums up about a month of my life in one short uninteresting paragraph, that can't be good...

Stay Healthy


Monday, 1 October 2012

For Jess

a few weeks ago Jess asked how I made kefir and I forgot to answer - not that it's a very exciting answer I'm afraid. All I did was buy some kefir starter at and add a sachet to a litre of almond milk, which then sat on the work surface for 36 hours till it separated out and set slightly. It tasted great but wasn't really vegan as the starter was made from milk kefir. Apparently it is possible to get water based kefir grains or start with a commercial kefir drink and add more liquid (though that way produces a milder version) but I haven't tried either method. Now I finally remembered about this though I'll have to make some more, there were 6 sachets in the pack of starters I bought. Hope you try it & like it Jess!

Stay Healthy Chrissie

Walking under the light of a full moon...

On Saturday night I did the Sue Ryder Starlight Hike, a 6 mile walk around a business park in Reading that starts at midnight. I must admit I wouldn't usually think a business park was an exciting place to do a walk, and 6 miles isn't really a new development in the walking stakes for me as it’s shorter than either of the other walks I did earlier in the year, but it was the first night time walk, and I am definitely NOT a late night person, so it still offered a chance to go outside my normal comfort zone a bit. My father-in-law, S, came up to do the walk with me, and we - S, myself, and M - went out for lunch in Reading beforehand as well.
I must admit by about 8pm S and I were both wishing the walk started earlier, just because it was frustrating waiting to get going. We actually left the house about 10 as they'd suggested arriving by 10:30 for the entertainment portion of the event. My Tom Tom sent me to the Madejeski stadium first, but we got there on time, registered and bought a little official merchandise, then watched 2 demos by a local group of Free Runners and 2 sets by a singer who appeared on the first series of The Voice (which I didn't watch) - he wasn't bad but wasn't brilliant either, but it was basically free so no complaints! There were multiple points on the route with different performers as well so there was music the whole way around, which was nice. The route wasn't exciting - 2 big loops of the park, then 2 shorter loops - but S and I both enjoy over-taking people, and there were about 500 people on the walk, so that was nice, and we finished in very comfortably under 2 hours, then drove home and both went straight to bed.
On Sunday I didn't feel actively tired despite only 5 hours in bed, though I did lack the energy to do more than walk into town (1 mile round trip) and make a ton of waffles for the freezer; but today I struggled like you wouldn't believe when it came to getting up so I obviously didn't catch up on my sleep yet! On the whole it was a fun experience, and did have a different atmosphere because it was at night (and fewer kids - win!) but when there's no shortage of day time charity walks I doubt I'll do another night one unless I decide to really stretch myself and go on the Moonwalk next year (I have registered an interest, but not paid any kind of fee yet so we'll see).
I ate rubbish all weekend, in between telling myself I was fuelling for the walk, recovering from the walk (and lack of sleep) and then just thinking WTF, but don't feel too bad about it so I'm not obsessing again, and am now ready to start getting back to normal. I could have done with a 3 day weekend though!