Thursday, 20 September 2012

Working 9 to 5....

Hey there, bet you thought I’d disappeared off into a self-pitying, self-loathing spiral of bingeing and depression again didn’t you? Nope – but I am sick of the obsessing over food and weight, so for a little while I’ll probably post less often and write about some stuff that isn’t food or diet related rather than just using the blog as an online food diary. Hopefully you won’t all disappear in droves, but if I bore you I guess you will…

So anyway, I’m now finally back at work – Day 4 today – and enjoying it more right now than I ever will again (1st week is always the most interesting / least boring week…) The people I’m working with seem very nice and it’s interesting to explore a new town in my lunch breaks (although its very small so I’ve already seen most of what it has to offer). I’m working out my routine at the moment so I’m not really fitting in any proper training; yesterday I walked about 2 miles at lunch and another mile after work and that was the most active I’ve been all week. Actually I walked nearly 2 miles on Tuesday in hugely unsuitable shoes and gave myself a massive blood blister on the sole of my right foot, which didn’t inspire more activity, but I broke it yesterday (blood squirting everywhere!!!) and now the pressure’s off I can’t feel a thing. Today I walked the same route as Tuesday (straight to a large Sainsbury store with Starbucks inside) - my first priority is always to find the nearest place to buy food ;-) and coffee ;-). ;-)

It's nice to feel halfway productive again, shame it's unlikely to last more than 6 weeks...

Stay Healthy,


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  1. Hi Chrissie
    Glad you are enjoying the job. You never know, it 'might' be extended, or lead to something else or just open up some new possibilities.
    Ouch to the blood blister though :-(