Sunday, 9 September 2012

Today’s the day

I decided to treat yesterday as a day off and carb-loading for today’s 13 mile charity walk in Henley. We took my brother to the cinema I mentioned last week – The Odeon Whiteleys – and watched Lawless. Not the best movie of all time, but the venue made up for any slow moving plot moments!


In total I walked probably 6 miles as well – I did 2.8 miles in the morning before Steve arrived, then we walked from Paddington to Whiteleys by the safe but not direct route I knew would work from last week; then on the way back we ambled via a different route and got slightly lost, making it a longer walk than intended. It was so hot I was glad to reach the station, which doesn’t bode well for today as its due to be equally hot and I’ll be walking further…


Breakfast: This was from the diet plan, it was called a Chocolate Banana Mylkshake in the diet, but I had no cocoa or cacao powder so I used carob instead


Snack: As above

Lunch: Fillet steak sliders with fries


Followed by macarons


Snack: a pot of honey-chilli coated nuts

Dinner: Indian takeaway – Lamb jeera with plain basmati rice. (No picture because by this point I couldn’t be bothered)

Weight: Didn’t weigh today as the scales are in the room my brother is sleeping in and I didn’t think a depressing weigh in was a good enough reason to wake him up!

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  1. Ooh, good luck for the walk! It's pretty sunny and hot up North today so I'll keep everything crossed for you :)