Monday, 3 September 2012

Time to detox

I’m back, and feeling newly motivated again, though who knows how long that will last?

My weekend in London was amazing, but included eating a hell of a lot of gourmet (fattening) food. So much so, that before we finished dinner on Saturday we agreed that we were looking forward to going back on the diet. Of course, that’s easy to say when working through the tasting menu at a top London restaurant – but so far I still feel that way. I’m not going to dwell on every detail of the weekend, but here are some highlights:

Lunch at the Brasserie Blanc:


Free afternoon tea at our hotel:



Dinner at the Grand Imperial restaurant:


I took a bundle of photos from Saturday’s restaurant but the lighting wasn’t right so they’re ridiculously dark. It was a tasting menu at this restaurant, and it was incredible.

Saturday lunchtime we went to a luxury cinema in Bayswater where you could order food and drinks from your reclining chair. We saw The Bourne Legacy, which was good, but the overall experience was OUTSTANDING. They made the best Cosmopolitan I ever drank, and I had some fantastic fillet steak sliders for Saturday’s lunch – highly recommended!

Weight: 161 lbs ARRGGHH. I’ve been soo bad lately, but still I think that some of this is water retention & constipation – I guess time will tell on both counts…

All in all a great birthday weekend followed by crashing to the earth with a horrible bump… must. get back. on diet.

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