Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Yesterday (and today so far) I suffered the consequences of only doing lots of short wussy walks for weeks before the half marathon one – my legs ached liked hell and my hips felt like they belonged to a 65 yr old woman  on the waiting list for a double hip replacement op…

Steve & I took the train into Marlow in the morning.


If he hadn’t been here I probably would’ve just stayed home to rest, but I don’t like to waste that much time when he visits and the walk had already disrupted Sunday a lot, so I went for it. I haven’t been to Marlow for months, and I do really like it, but we weren’t there to do anything special so we just wandered through town (me getting slower and slower as my legs, bum & hips started complaining more loudly) for a few hours and then went for lunch to a little Italian restaurant called Villa d’Este. I hadn’t tried it before, but have wanted to for a while – the problem is, Marlow has so many great places to eat its hard to get to them all! Lovely 2 course lunch was consumed before we headed back to the train, at which point of course it started raining quite hard…

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Blueberry Blast shake from the raw diet


Snack: Frusli bar from my Charity walk goodie bag

Lunch: Warm goat’s cheese salad (best goat’s cheese I’ve ever had)


And grilled sea bass with king prawns, plus a selection of veggies to share


Snack: Ginger & Lime dark chocolate

Dinner: Nada

Weight: 155.4lbs

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