Monday, 10 September 2012

I did it!

And a little bit more besides, as I got a little bit lost in the middle and had to retrace my steps to find the route again. It was a very different experience from the last charity walk I did in July – at that one everyone headed off at the designated start time, we walked in clumps for the first mile or so before it spread out, and only at the end was I walking (with my father in law) and no other walkers in sight. This time we were able to leave as soon as we’d registered for the walk, so for almost all the walk I was on my own (aside from about a mile when I re-joined the route after my unintentional detour, when I walked with a lovely group from Newbury who’d done the walk before and had a better idea of where we were supposed to go). It was really hot and bright and a lot of the walk was through fields with no real shelter, so I sweated buckets!

After the walk, on arrival at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley – the start and end point – I met up with M and my brother, and we walked through town to Loch Fyne for a late and very indulgent lunch. We then walked to the train station and headed for home; I spent most of the remaining afternoon asleep on the sofa supposedly watching the movie Limitless.

It was a lovely day! And the only thing that would’ve made it better was some pleasant company for the rest of the walk – Steve has been having foot & back trouble so couldn’t take part – oh yes, and better signs on the mid-section of the walk!

Before I bore on into the food, I have one thing to say to Jess and any other readers who treat 13 miles as a bit of light relief to run in between full marathons – are you crazy???



Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Poached eggs on toast. Not vegan. Not raw. Not photographed. But needed!

Lunch: Smoked Ashet


Moules frites


Cranachan with shortbread (and I ate the shortbread, too…)


And my share of 2 bottles of Prosecco, my favourite kind of bubbly.

Dinner: Nada

Snacks: Nak’d bars, a Bounce Peanut protein ball, Home-made kefir (made with Alpro almond milk) and 2 Malteaster bunnies; a Granny Smith apple

Weight: No clue (see yesterday’s excuse for not weighing)

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  1. Well, maybe a little ;)

    Sounds like a lovely walk though, in nice conditions and some gorgeous scenery. Congratulations - definitely a well-earned lunch at the end of all that!

    I have to ask (I'm still on the hunt for non-savoury flavoured TVP!) how did you make the home-made kefir? I'd love to try that - I think it's supposed to help with probiotics etc. for stomach 'issues' and goodness knows I could do with that :/


  2. Lovely are so lucky to live in such a scenic place...looking forward to reading the kefir recipe.

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