Thursday, 6 September 2012

Detox day 3

I’ll say right up front yesterday went less well. Despite shakes full of avocado and coconut oil goodness, I was hungry all day – and I fell for some dates, dried apricots and raw cashews while uncooking my dinner soup/shake.

Also, I decided to train by doing 5 mins HIIT with kettlebell swings followed by the mountain climber for 35 mins (to finish watching a whole 40 min episode of Rizzoli & Isles.) Yeah. Nope. 20 mins was all I could manage on the climber, possibly because I started with the swings, but I’ve heard/read/dreamed reading that that’s the way around you should do it to avoid letting go of the kettle bell and essentially hurling a cannon ball through your window. I didn’t do that, so I should probably count that as a victory… I also walked 1 measly mile.

Happily that was the last all shakes day. It was also the day I realised I won’t be sticking rigidly to the 15 days because my brother is visiting at the weekend, so we’ll be eating out at least once, and on Sunday I’m doing a 13 mile charity walk that I think will require more traditional fuel. I’ll do my best with the other meals though, and pick up again next Tuesday after he heads home


Breakfast: Pina colada shake. I doubled the quantities so I could have one for a snack too, as I’m getting sick of constantly washing the blender out. Used frozen pineapple and added coconut oil – you probably guessed what I didn’t, namely the coconut oil solidified at the bottom of the blender and never made it into the shake. Hmph. Maybe that’s why I was constantly hungry…


Snacks: Pina colada shake, looked remarkably identical to the one on the left above. Or maybe the one on the right.

Lunch: Tomato bisque. I had this on day 1, and liked it, then realised I hadn’t read the quantities right (skimped on the tomatoes). Even better when I followed the recipe properly! I put it in a bowl and ate it with a spoon so it would feel more like lunch. Topped with nutritional yeast.


Snack: Can of V8, dates & cashews

Dinner: Curry coconut shake. Doesn’t look like anoything special but tasted amazing – another keeper!


Weight: 154.4lbs

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