Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Detox day 2

Still sticking to the raw, vegan, all liquid diet so far (today is the last all liquid day, tomorrow I start adding salad). I discovered a few shakes I really like, and one I don’t think I’ll ever like no matter what – luckily it won’t be a problem to switch it for another when the diet calls for it.

I felt hungry a few times yesterday, not too much and I think the haphazard attempts at fasting the other week helped with that in terms of not minding it so much and knowing that it wouldn’t last if I just waited it out, so that was good. I also had sufficient energy to walk 2 miles (in 1 mile chunks) and do 40 minutes on the mountain climber – and didn’t feel that my performance was negatively impacted in any way by anything other than the fact that I’ve neglected it so much lately.

Biggest challenge yesterday: there was a pack of ham open in the fridge and every time I opened the fridge to get some water or grab the fruit / veg for a shake it smelled AMAZING. Eventually (I’m ashamed to admit how long it took me to think of this) I wrapped it in cling film and the smell stopped torturing me immediately Winking smile

Oh yes, and I really really wish I could afford a Vitamix, my blender is not exactly up to this and the shakes tend to be warmer than I’d like through the prolonged blending I have to put them through to get rid of the chewy bits. Especially when the shake includes nuts. Its not worth buying one for this diet, but I think I know what I’ll be getting next time I decide to treat myself (i.e. after I get a job – if that ever happens)

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Simple strawberry shake – not bad, I’d have this again


Snack: Apple green mar-tea-ni shake (this one I do not like)


Lunch: Ginger soup – excellent


Snack: a can of V8 to stick with the letter if not the spirit of the diet,


plus the second glass of the Ginger soup above

Dinner: Marvellous minestrone – pretty good


Weight: 155lbs

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