Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Detox day 1

Last week I bought the Kindle edition of Ani’s 15 day Fat Blast, a diet of raw vegan food which is based on shakes and soups for the first 3 days, then starts to introduce food you can chew after that. I admit you’re probably thinking about the fasting enthusiasm of only a week or so ago and doubting if I have it in me; if you are,you’re not the only one, but it is only 15 days so maybe I’ll manage to surprise us all! Anyway, yesterday was day 1 and I survived it – even enjoyed some of it – so that has to be a good start, as does the drop in weight of 4.5lbs overnight – I told you it wasn’t all real weight gain!

I didn’t photograph any of my meals yesterday as my camera battery was deader than a door nail, but here’s a synopsis for you:

Breakfast: Blueberry Blast shake, made with blueberries, hemp protein & flax seeds

Snack: Pineapple green shake, with frozen pineapple  & spinach

Lunch: Tomato bisque – cherry tomatoes, avocado etc

Snack: Apple Green Mar-tea-ni shake (apple, romaine lettuce, and stuff)

Dinner: Spicy bok choi soup (except I replaced the bok choy with spinach & lamb’s lettuce) – I loved this soup

I admit somewhere mid-afternoon I ate a few sugarsnap peas & tomatoes because I was dying for something to chew / crunch

Weight: 156.5lbs

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