Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 4

Wow, eating solid food (even once a day) felt good yesterday! I didn’t train because of my still aching legs, but did walk 3.5 miles or so in the evening once it got less humid (and a beautiful evening it was too)

I have a job interview this afternoon, wish me luck!


Breakfast: Ginger Mango shake – tastes much much better than it looks!


Snack: Ginger Mango shake pt II

Lunch: Easy being green salad. Should’ve been made with sauerkraut but I couldn’t get any so I used kimchi instead – wow it was a pungent and exciting flavour situation with kimchi and capers in the same salad…


Snack: Strawberry Mint Shake – more minty than strawberry-y, so nice but not my favourite


Dinner: Red pepper soup – yum!


Supper (allowed, though optional): cashews

Weight: 154.1lbs

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  1. I had a look at this cleanse a couple of weeks' ago - it's something I would really love to do but a) I don't have the willpower and b) I'd need a self-cleaning blender.

    I think if you are finding it tricky then perhaps it might be because you're exercising a lot more than the plan suggests? That seems to be a common problem when people take on detox plans because they generally aren't intended for active people!