Monday, 24 September 2012

Bloody weather….

Well, I wasted the whole weekend as far as getting in some long walks to make up for having less time during the week was concerned – I regret it for Saturday, but I guess I needed a rest and I did have errands to run first thing, but it was a lovely day that was wasted on me – followed by such a horrible day yesterday that I literally didn’t leave the house and even fell asleep on the sofa mid-morning just to avoid listening to the rain hammering down.

I did watch a movie Saturday afternoon – The Awakening – and enjoyed it very much. I also tried and failed to watch The Ides of March, which I didn’t really fancy from the beginning and lost all interest in very quickly. Felt like an attempt to remake The West Wing but without the magic…

This week I’d like to get a bit more active (so of course the weather’s gone to cr*p) and as a help to do that I have my midnight 6 mile charity walk on Saturday night. Hopefully my blister will be OK, it looks horrible but doesn’t hurt at the moment so I’m hopeful. Afterwards at some point I’d like to get a pedicure as my feet look disgusting at the moment – all callouses, monster blister and ugly toenails. A little pampering is definitely called for!

I managed to get out for about a mile’s walk at lunchtime today in a lull in the rain (but not in the wind – my hair nearly blew off my head Smile  ) It was needed to get me through the day, even if it wasn’t the most pleasant walk ever. Ah well, looks like winter’s here so I’d better get used to it!

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