Monday, 24 September 2012

Bloody weather….

Well, I wasted the whole weekend as far as getting in some long walks to make up for having less time during the week was concerned – I regret it for Saturday, but I guess I needed a rest and I did have errands to run first thing, but it was a lovely day that was wasted on me – followed by such a horrible day yesterday that I literally didn’t leave the house and even fell asleep on the sofa mid-morning just to avoid listening to the rain hammering down.

I did watch a movie Saturday afternoon – The Awakening – and enjoyed it very much. I also tried and failed to watch The Ides of March, which I didn’t really fancy from the beginning and lost all interest in very quickly. Felt like an attempt to remake The West Wing but without the magic…

This week I’d like to get a bit more active (so of course the weather’s gone to cr*p) and as a help to do that I have my midnight 6 mile charity walk on Saturday night. Hopefully my blister will be OK, it looks horrible but doesn’t hurt at the moment so I’m hopeful. Afterwards at some point I’d like to get a pedicure as my feet look disgusting at the moment – all callouses, monster blister and ugly toenails. A little pampering is definitely called for!

I managed to get out for about a mile’s walk at lunchtime today in a lull in the rain (but not in the wind – my hair nearly blew off my head Smile  ) It was needed to get me through the day, even if it wasn’t the most pleasant walk ever. Ah well, looks like winter’s here so I’d better get used to it!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Working 9 to 5....

Hey there, bet you thought I’d disappeared off into a self-pitying, self-loathing spiral of bingeing and depression again didn’t you? Nope – but I am sick of the obsessing over food and weight, so for a little while I’ll probably post less often and write about some stuff that isn’t food or diet related rather than just using the blog as an online food diary. Hopefully you won’t all disappear in droves, but if I bore you I guess you will…

So anyway, I’m now finally back at work – Day 4 today – and enjoying it more right now than I ever will again (1st week is always the most interesting / least boring week…) The people I’m working with seem very nice and it’s interesting to explore a new town in my lunch breaks (although its very small so I’ve already seen most of what it has to offer). I’m working out my routine at the moment so I’m not really fitting in any proper training; yesterday I walked about 2 miles at lunch and another mile after work and that was the most active I’ve been all week. Actually I walked nearly 2 miles on Tuesday in hugely unsuitable shoes and gave myself a massive blood blister on the sole of my right foot, which didn’t inspire more activity, but I broke it yesterday (blood squirting everywhere!!!) and now the pressure’s off I can’t feel a thing. Today I walked the same route as Tuesday (straight to a large Sainsbury store with Starbucks inside) - my first priority is always to find the nearest place to buy food ;-) and coffee ;-). ;-)

It's nice to feel halfway productive again, shame it's unlikely to last more than 6 weeks...

Stay Healthy,


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Yesterday (and today so far) I suffered the consequences of only doing lots of short wussy walks for weeks before the half marathon one – my legs ached liked hell and my hips felt like they belonged to a 65 yr old woman  on the waiting list for a double hip replacement op…

Steve & I took the train into Marlow in the morning.


If he hadn’t been here I probably would’ve just stayed home to rest, but I don’t like to waste that much time when he visits and the walk had already disrupted Sunday a lot, so I went for it. I haven’t been to Marlow for months, and I do really like it, but we weren’t there to do anything special so we just wandered through town (me getting slower and slower as my legs, bum & hips started complaining more loudly) for a few hours and then went for lunch to a little Italian restaurant called Villa d’Este. I hadn’t tried it before, but have wanted to for a while – the problem is, Marlow has so many great places to eat its hard to get to them all! Lovely 2 course lunch was consumed before we headed back to the train, at which point of course it started raining quite hard…

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Blueberry Blast shake from the raw diet


Snack: Frusli bar from my Charity walk goodie bag

Lunch: Warm goat’s cheese salad (best goat’s cheese I’ve ever had)


And grilled sea bass with king prawns, plus a selection of veggies to share


Snack: Ginger & Lime dark chocolate

Dinner: Nada

Weight: 155.4lbs

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Monday, 10 September 2012

I did it!

And a little bit more besides, as I got a little bit lost in the middle and had to retrace my steps to find the route again. It was a very different experience from the last charity walk I did in July – at that one everyone headed off at the designated start time, we walked in clumps for the first mile or so before it spread out, and only at the end was I walking (with my father in law) and no other walkers in sight. This time we were able to leave as soon as we’d registered for the walk, so for almost all the walk I was on my own (aside from about a mile when I re-joined the route after my unintentional detour, when I walked with a lovely group from Newbury who’d done the walk before and had a better idea of where we were supposed to go). It was really hot and bright and a lot of the walk was through fields with no real shelter, so I sweated buckets!

After the walk, on arrival at the River & Rowing Museum in Henley – the start and end point – I met up with M and my brother, and we walked through town to Loch Fyne for a late and very indulgent lunch. We then walked to the train station and headed for home; I spent most of the remaining afternoon asleep on the sofa supposedly watching the movie Limitless.

It was a lovely day! And the only thing that would’ve made it better was some pleasant company for the rest of the walk – Steve has been having foot & back trouble so couldn’t take part – oh yes, and better signs on the mid-section of the walk!

Before I bore on into the food, I have one thing to say to Jess and any other readers who treat 13 miles as a bit of light relief to run in between full marathons – are you crazy???



Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Poached eggs on toast. Not vegan. Not raw. Not photographed. But needed!

Lunch: Smoked Ashet


Moules frites


Cranachan with shortbread (and I ate the shortbread, too…)


And my share of 2 bottles of Prosecco, my favourite kind of bubbly.

Dinner: Nada

Snacks: Nak’d bars, a Bounce Peanut protein ball, Home-made kefir (made with Alpro almond milk) and 2 Malteaster bunnies; a Granny Smith apple

Weight: No clue (see yesterday’s excuse for not weighing)

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Day 5

Yesterday went well! In the afternoon I had a job interview, in the evening I was offered the job (only 6 weeks of work, but very local and the possibility of more). All day I stuck to the diet and didn’t even want to break it, and in total I walked about 5, maybe 5.5 miles. Why aren’t they all like that?

Of course if I felt like I was hitting my stride with the diet, that would be too bad just when my brother is arriving today. I’ve made plans to do as well as possible if my willpower survives; if not, well, I’ll just start again after he goes home and enjoy his visit while he’s here.


ETA: this didn’t post yesterday due to internet connection issues but I thought I’d add it back in even though it doesn’t really add much of interest


Breakfast: Banana shake


Snack: Banana shake pt II

Lunch: Sauerkraut salad (and I managed to get some actual sauerkraut too)


Snack: Pineapple Protein shake and a small handful of cashews & walnuts


Dinner: Kreamy Dill Delight – not a huge fan of this one, it contained raw kale (because I was out of spinach, so that’s my own fault) and broccoli so it was a little bitter for my taste


Weight: 153.5lbs

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Today’s the day

I decided to treat yesterday as a day off and carb-loading for today’s 13 mile charity walk in Henley. We took my brother to the cinema I mentioned last week – The Odeon Whiteleys – and watched Lawless. Not the best movie of all time, but the venue made up for any slow moving plot moments!


In total I walked probably 6 miles as well – I did 2.8 miles in the morning before Steve arrived, then we walked from Paddington to Whiteleys by the safe but not direct route I knew would work from last week; then on the way back we ambled via a different route and got slightly lost, making it a longer walk than intended. It was so hot I was glad to reach the station, which doesn’t bode well for today as its due to be equally hot and I’ll be walking further…


Breakfast: This was from the diet plan, it was called a Chocolate Banana Mylkshake in the diet, but I had no cocoa or cacao powder so I used carob instead


Snack: As above

Lunch: Fillet steak sliders with fries


Followed by macarons


Snack: a pot of honey-chilli coated nuts

Dinner: Indian takeaway – Lamb jeera with plain basmati rice. (No picture because by this point I couldn’t be bothered)

Weight: Didn’t weigh today as the scales are in the room my brother is sleeping in and I didn’t think a depressing weigh in was a good enough reason to wake him up!

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Friday, 7 September 2012

Day 4

Wow, eating solid food (even once a day) felt good yesterday! I didn’t train because of my still aching legs, but did walk 3.5 miles or so in the evening once it got less humid (and a beautiful evening it was too)

I have a job interview this afternoon, wish me luck!


Breakfast: Ginger Mango shake – tastes much much better than it looks!


Snack: Ginger Mango shake pt II

Lunch: Easy being green salad. Should’ve been made with sauerkraut but I couldn’t get any so I used kimchi instead – wow it was a pungent and exciting flavour situation with kimchi and capers in the same salad…


Snack: Strawberry Mint Shake – more minty than strawberry-y, so nice but not my favourite


Dinner: Red pepper soup – yum!


Supper (allowed, though optional): cashews

Weight: 154.1lbs

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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Detox day 3

I’ll say right up front yesterday went less well. Despite shakes full of avocado and coconut oil goodness, I was hungry all day – and I fell for some dates, dried apricots and raw cashews while uncooking my dinner soup/shake.

Also, I decided to train by doing 5 mins HIIT with kettlebell swings followed by the mountain climber for 35 mins (to finish watching a whole 40 min episode of Rizzoli & Isles.) Yeah. Nope. 20 mins was all I could manage on the climber, possibly because I started with the swings, but I’ve heard/read/dreamed reading that that’s the way around you should do it to avoid letting go of the kettle bell and essentially hurling a cannon ball through your window. I didn’t do that, so I should probably count that as a victory… I also walked 1 measly mile.

Happily that was the last all shakes day. It was also the day I realised I won’t be sticking rigidly to the 15 days because my brother is visiting at the weekend, so we’ll be eating out at least once, and on Sunday I’m doing a 13 mile charity walk that I think will require more traditional fuel. I’ll do my best with the other meals though, and pick up again next Tuesday after he heads home


Breakfast: Pina colada shake. I doubled the quantities so I could have one for a snack too, as I’m getting sick of constantly washing the blender out. Used frozen pineapple and added coconut oil – you probably guessed what I didn’t, namely the coconut oil solidified at the bottom of the blender and never made it into the shake. Hmph. Maybe that’s why I was constantly hungry…


Snacks: Pina colada shake, looked remarkably identical to the one on the left above. Or maybe the one on the right.

Lunch: Tomato bisque. I had this on day 1, and liked it, then realised I hadn’t read the quantities right (skimped on the tomatoes). Even better when I followed the recipe properly! I put it in a bowl and ate it with a spoon so it would feel more like lunch. Topped with nutritional yeast.


Snack: Can of V8, dates & cashews

Dinner: Curry coconut shake. Doesn’t look like anoything special but tasted amazing – another keeper!


Weight: 154.4lbs

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Detox day 2

Still sticking to the raw, vegan, all liquid diet so far (today is the last all liquid day, tomorrow I start adding salad). I discovered a few shakes I really like, and one I don’t think I’ll ever like no matter what – luckily it won’t be a problem to switch it for another when the diet calls for it.

I felt hungry a few times yesterday, not too much and I think the haphazard attempts at fasting the other week helped with that in terms of not minding it so much and knowing that it wouldn’t last if I just waited it out, so that was good. I also had sufficient energy to walk 2 miles (in 1 mile chunks) and do 40 minutes on the mountain climber – and didn’t feel that my performance was negatively impacted in any way by anything other than the fact that I’ve neglected it so much lately.

Biggest challenge yesterday: there was a pack of ham open in the fridge and every time I opened the fridge to get some water or grab the fruit / veg for a shake it smelled AMAZING. Eventually (I’m ashamed to admit how long it took me to think of this) I wrapped it in cling film and the smell stopped torturing me immediately Winking smile

Oh yes, and I really really wish I could afford a Vitamix, my blender is not exactly up to this and the shakes tend to be warmer than I’d like through the prolonged blending I have to put them through to get rid of the chewy bits. Especially when the shake includes nuts. Its not worth buying one for this diet, but I think I know what I’ll be getting next time I decide to treat myself (i.e. after I get a job – if that ever happens)

Food yesterday:

Breakfast: Simple strawberry shake – not bad, I’d have this again


Snack: Apple green mar-tea-ni shake (this one I do not like)


Lunch: Ginger soup – excellent


Snack: a can of V8 to stick with the letter if not the spirit of the diet,


plus the second glass of the Ginger soup above

Dinner: Marvellous minestrone – pretty good


Weight: 155lbs

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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Detox day 1

Last week I bought the Kindle edition of Ani’s 15 day Fat Blast, a diet of raw vegan food which is based on shakes and soups for the first 3 days, then starts to introduce food you can chew after that. I admit you’re probably thinking about the fasting enthusiasm of only a week or so ago and doubting if I have it in me; if you are,you’re not the only one, but it is only 15 days so maybe I’ll manage to surprise us all! Anyway, yesterday was day 1 and I survived it – even enjoyed some of it – so that has to be a good start, as does the drop in weight of 4.5lbs overnight – I told you it wasn’t all real weight gain!

I didn’t photograph any of my meals yesterday as my camera battery was deader than a door nail, but here’s a synopsis for you:

Breakfast: Blueberry Blast shake, made with blueberries, hemp protein & flax seeds

Snack: Pineapple green shake, with frozen pineapple  & spinach

Lunch: Tomato bisque – cherry tomatoes, avocado etc

Snack: Apple Green Mar-tea-ni shake (apple, romaine lettuce, and stuff)

Dinner: Spicy bok choi soup (except I replaced the bok choy with spinach & lamb’s lettuce) – I loved this soup

I admit somewhere mid-afternoon I ate a few sugarsnap peas & tomatoes because I was dying for something to chew / crunch

Weight: 156.5lbs

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Time to detox

I’m back, and feeling newly motivated again, though who knows how long that will last?

My weekend in London was amazing, but included eating a hell of a lot of gourmet (fattening) food. So much so, that before we finished dinner on Saturday we agreed that we were looking forward to going back on the diet. Of course, that’s easy to say when working through the tasting menu at a top London restaurant – but so far I still feel that way. I’m not going to dwell on every detail of the weekend, but here are some highlights:

Lunch at the Brasserie Blanc:


Free afternoon tea at our hotel:



Dinner at the Grand Imperial restaurant:


I took a bundle of photos from Saturday’s restaurant but the lighting wasn’t right so they’re ridiculously dark. It was a tasting menu at this restaurant, and it was incredible.

Saturday lunchtime we went to a luxury cinema in Bayswater where you could order food and drinks from your reclining chair. We saw The Bourne Legacy, which was good, but the overall experience was OUTSTANDING. They made the best Cosmopolitan I ever drank, and I had some fantastic fillet steak sliders for Saturday’s lunch – highly recommended!

Weight: 161 lbs ARRGGHH. I’ve been soo bad lately, but still I think that some of this is water retention & constipation – I guess time will tell on both counts…

All in all a great birthday weekend followed by crashing to the earth with a horrible bump… must. get back. on diet.