Thursday, 2 August 2012

Wednesday’s better…

I met the neighbour’s dogs this morning and making friends makes me happy! You can’t beat canines for the feel good factor, though I must admit I’m happy at the moment to be like the aunt / grandmother – all the fuss and attention, none of the wet, cold winter poop-scooping in darkness and torrential rain…

Traumatic afternoon for me, as it was about 2 weeks after I should have had my haircut and I finally bit the bullet and stopped using the house move as an excuse to put it off. I hate almost everything about getting my hair cut, even though I like my hairdresser and enjoy having my hair washed by an expert (I find it very relaxing). I think I’d like it better hate it less if I just asked to sit with my back to the mirror; I’m half blind without my glasses but looking in a mirror at my own face is really something I don’t enjoy doing for 30 minutes at a time (I look very piggy without my glasses on – tiny eyes and a piggy nose). On the plus side though at least my hair is tidy now – for a couple of weeks at least

The only exercise I got yesterday was scrubbing a shower cubicle and walking back from the hairdressers – about 2.5 miles in total I think. Plus a few trips up and down the stairs.


Breakfast: All bran with raisins and peach


Lunch: Home-made spinach soup with a chia pan bread topped with tinned coronation tuna


Dinner: Quorn fillets with samphire, asparagus & some other sea vegetable who’s name I forget – something like okahijiki – plus sauerkraut, green beans & peas


Snacks: Skinny popcorn, Fage 0% with strawberry, a little ham, some of my home-made orange cake

Weight: 156.5lbs

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  1. Off for my own haircut tonight so I won't look like the Dulux sheepdog tomorrow :-)

    Speaking of dogs... Doggie cuddles - there's nothing like them to cheer your day.

    Your food photos are making me drool, as ever, and it looks like life is beginning to settle a bit for you.

    Have a great Thursday... Friday... everyday from her on.

  2. Ah, the infamous All Bran finally makes a pictorial appearance ;)

    Is it wrong that I always enjoy seeing you post about All-Bran because it has been my lifelong favourite cereal (even when I was little - my second favourite was Weetabix, then Splitz) but I can't eat it because of the gluten (tried some last year - agony!). So I get my vicarious All-Bran fix here ;)

    That tofu/cauliflower and broccoli mash you made yesterday looks amazing!