Thursday, 23 August 2012


Yesterday I was tired as hell when I got up after a bad night’s sleep so I found it pretty hard to get going and didn’t manage to skip breakfast as planned – though I did eat it late enough to still qualify as a 17hr fast, so I wasn’t too bothered by that. In the morning I had to wait in for a plumber, but after he’d been and gone I went to Reading for some DIY supplies (anyone else HATE all DIY stores, or is it just me?) and came back around lunchtime.

In the afternoon M told me that he’d been feeling light headed and dodgy all day, so wanted to forget sticking to the diet he’s on and suggested we went out to eat. I’d already had what I intended to be my main meal of the day (though it wasn’t as big as expected) so wasn’t too keen; then I got my second wind and got on the mountain climber for 50 minutes, after which I felt I probably could manage an Indian meal, so off we went. I tried not to be too piggish (with limited success) and didn’t drink, but still finished the meal stuffed as stuffed could be, and tired too – so I went to bed early and then was up in the middle of the night as the universe fell out of my ass, so to speak… apologies for the TMI!!! I don’t think for a second that was down to the food being dodgy, just my body not being used to eating that much non-home cooked food any more.


Breakfast: Smoothie with berries & whey


Lunch: Saltfish stew with brown rice. I’ve had this saltfish in the cupboard for I don’t know how long, having bought it on impulse without a clue what I would do with it; but I’m on a mission to use up the store cupboard ingredients I usually ignore. This was chewier than I expect fish to be, but very tasty


Dinner: Poppadum with all the condiments followed by garlic mushrooms


then Cod Roshani – very low fat tandoori cod



with spinach bhaji


Snacks: apple & babybel, almond drop biscuit

Weight: 151.5lbs

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  1. That food looks amazing!

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