Saturday, 11 August 2012

Under 11 st at last!

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. In the morning I had a meds review at my local surgery where I was complemented on my ‘beautiful’ blood pressure and told that I was clearly doing the right things to be healthy (physically – she knows I’m on anti-depressants but not what a nutter I am generally). It was a lovely day so in the afternoon I went for a walk – about 4 miles, the longest single stretch of walking I’ve done since we’ve moved, as the pressure of getting things done has been forcing me to break down my walking into chunks of a mile or less at a time – just not as much fun or as relaxing for me. I also did just under a couple of miles walking to and from the doctor’s, so in total nearly 6 miles.

Food-wise the day went well as well. I didn’t eat breakfast till about 9:45 (I WAS hungry for a large part of the morning though… and drinking lots of black tea and water in an attempt to assuage the hunger) and didn’t overeat when it was time, or indeed for the rest of the day. Hopefully soon I’ll adapt to the long break and start feeling less hungry.


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on GF toast with dry-fried mushrooms


Lunch: Last portion of carrot-pumpkin soup


Dinner: Salmon marinated in a spicy barbecue sauce based on lapsang souchong, with roast asparagus, sautéed samphire, and steamed veggies


Snacks: Fat free Greek yoghurt mixed with a little almond flour & some ground flaxseeds;


a snack pack of dates

Weight: 153.5lbs

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