Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I was a bit more active yesterday, walking about 5.75 miles (4 of them before breakfast – because I didn’t have breakfast). I had an appointment at 9:45 to get my cholesterol checked at the local surgery as my family has a tendency to high cholesterol, and it was a fasting test, and by the time I got home afterwards I just didn’t fancy any breakfast. Instead I bulked up lunch a bit when I had it. This trying to extend my fast thing is weird and interesting to me. On the first few days I was predictably hungry around the time I would usually have breakfast, then it would wear off a bit. A few times I was obsessing over what I could eat and when I could eat it, but I never felt really tempted to eat earlier. Now I’m not getting hungry so early, but still think about what I might eat when I break the fast, yet when it comes to it I’m not over-eating or even as interested in the food that I’ve planned as I would expect – weird…

I did have some slight stomach issues in the morning, so I didn’t try to train beyond the walking (which was broken up into 3 shorter chunks). Its starting to bother me how long its been since I used the climber, maybe that will give me the push I clearly need to get back into the swing of it.


Breakfast: Nada

Lunch: Home-made split pea – chorizo soup with an almond flour drop biscuit topped with coconut butter. (I told you they looked like ginger cookies!)


Dinner: Spinach & mushroom risotto topped with a poached egg – yum!


Snacks: Some dried fruit and a smoothie topped with ground flax seeds


Weight: 153lbs

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  1. Thanks so much for the TVP Oatmeal recipe - now I just have to find some unflavoured TVP!

    Good job on the fasting as well - I certainly wouldn't have the willpower!