Wednesday, 8 August 2012


More frustration yesterday.  I was stuck at the rental house most of the day because I’d arranged to get the windows and gutters cleaned. Sitting on the stairs for hours isn’t as much fun as it sounds… The guy surprised me by doing everything by hand, even using a large paintbrush to sweep out the gutters. In Wales we had a regular window cleaner who used high power sprays of ionised water, and I was expecting something similar. The results were excellent, but it took a lot longer than I thought it would. I did however manage to walk 3 miles during this period in shorter chunks so I wasn’t vanishing for too long if he needed anything/ finished and wanted paying. Less good was the bit where one of those walks took me to the supermarket where I bought excess calories (in the form of fairly healthy-ish food) and demolished them.

In the evening we watched the Horizon program ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’. Really interesting and we both felt it might be something we’d like to try at some point, though I don’t think his 3.5 day fast is likely to show up on this blog any time soon. In my typically half-assed approach to such things I’m aiming to push back breakfast for a little while to extend my overnight fasting period and get used to that before doing anything more serious; as I write this its 14hrs since I last ate, and I’m planning to try for another 2.


Breakfast: TVP ‘oatmeal’ with berries and whey, followed by melon wedges


Lunch: Waitrose Gluten free Egg salad sandwich eaten over a carrier bag in an empty house…

Dinner: A carton of New Covent Garden Gazpacho soup. I used to think I didn’t like Gazpacho till I had some (well, an Italian version) on a trip to Venice during my last blogging hiatus – it was incredible, and hasn’t yet been matched, but even not quite so good versions are so refreshing when its hot and humid!


Snacks: Fage with blueberries; Gingerbread Nak’d bar, snack bag of dried apricots, bag of salt & vinegar popchips

Weight: 154.5lbs

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