Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Tuesday Twaddle

Things got harder on the food front yesterday, and while I wasn’t terrible, I didn’t manage to hold off completely either. I’m sleeping badly at the moment (I know, what else is new!) and had no energy at all, so I did eat some extra food to boost myself a bit, I didn’t train, and I just did a few of the never-ending chores that currently fill me time. Ooops – self pity alert!!! I admit it though, I just want the move to be over and to settle in and start really living here…


Breakfast: All bran with raisins and peach

Lunch: Homemade spinach soup with GF toast spread with LC lite and a small amount of ham


Dinner: Basil tofu with grilled asparagus, steamed carrots & cauli-broccoli mash flavoured with a little low fat cheese. Plus some tomato sauce & 3 meatballs (M had the rest of the batch of meatballs).


Snacks: Alpro dark chocolate soy pudding; Fage 0% with strawberry; Fage 0% with honey

Weight: 155.5lbs

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