Friday, 3 August 2012


Thursday was frustrating, filled with housework, and a pain in the neck. But hey, I didn’t make myself feel ‘better’ by eating loads of crap, so small victories….

I’m not going to bore you with the details. However, if anyone has a fool-proof way to remove hard-water lime-scale marks from shower cubicles I would love to hear them, and will be so grateful that I will laud your name for the rest of my life… I’ve tried lemon juice, vinegar and every kind of bathroom cleaning spray / wipe that I can find, and none of it is working…

Anyway. My arms are getting quite the workout from trying every new idea that comes my way.


Breakfast: All bran with raisins

Lunch: A (tiny 135 cal) burger in a chia pan bread ‘roll’ with squash chips & salad


Dinner: Home-made spinach-pea soup (ok, I added some frozen peas to a pan of spinach soup – such an imagination!!!) with a GF pitta bread because it was the only GF bread I had in the house


Snacks: Melon, Fage 0% with raspberry & pomegranate, and some more Fage (0%, plain, except I added a touch of sugar free hazelnut syrup)

Weight: 156.5lbs

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