Monday, 13 August 2012

Saturday & Sunday rest days

I only walked about 2 miles Saturday for a brief visit to Reading. It was very hot and humid again and it just didn’t appeal to me. Also didn’t train on the mountain climber – so an almost complete rest. Sunday I spent mostly in the car and with my mother. her OH is in hospital in Wiltshire after a knee replacement op. on Friday, so I drove down and took her in to visit him. She doesn’t drive, and the buses don’t run on Sunday, so I was her only way to see him – and it gave me a good excuse for the drive! We lunched in Wetherspoons first, and visited my brother’s cat on the way to the hospital, plus spending lots of time just chatting. And we were both really impressed by the way her OH was zooming around the ward only 48 hrs post-surgery! (Poor thing is highly motivated to heal because he’s desperate to get home)

Food Saturday:

Breakfast: TVP ‘oatmeal’. Jessica, it’s based on this recipe except I replaced the sweetener, spices & vanilla essence with sugar free syrup I bought when I decided to try to make Starbucks-esque flavoured lattes at home. First time round I made it on the stove, this time I used the slow cooker, and the stove method is better in my opinion. I use unflavoured soya based TVP.


Lunch: Salad with low fat feta cheese


Dinner: Spicy Korean Tuna stew – doesn’t look like anything, but very interesting flavours and I’ll make it again


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with defrosted fruit


Sunday food:

Breakfast: Berry-spinach-whey smoothie


Lunch: Baked potato filled with roasted veggies and a side salad


Dinner: A sandwich of GF bread, deli chicken slices and low fat coleslaw (no picture, sorry)

Snacks: None!

Weight: 152.5lbs

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