Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nothing to say

Didn’t really feel the blogging yesterday (though I read my comments and really appreciated them, thanks Diane and Deniz) – not so much berating myself for a bad day as feeling a bit hmph, here we go again…

Anyway, apart from an excess of dried fruit and raw almonds I did a lot better yesterday and feel a bit more positive today. Even though I’d really like it if I could just wake up tomorrow back at my goal weight I guess I can pretend to be a grown-up and accept its not going to happen that way… after all, I’m going to be 41 on the 1st of September (41 going on 25 in my brain) so its probably time!

Yesterday I was expecting a delivery so I stayed in for it. Once it finally arrived (3pm – and yes, I was going nuts by then) I popped into town for some shopping but it was so hot and humid that I didn’t manage more than that – a 1 mile walk – wow. That’ll have the weight dropping off! I swear I was in some kind of time loop or something, I kept checking the clock every couple of hours only to realise that it had actually been about 15 minutes since the last time… must keep more active…

Food Sunday:

Breakfast: 2 bowls of all bran because I was feeling uncomfortably blocked again. And it worked. Really well.

Lunch: baked potato with leftover tofu taco and a salad


Dinner: Soup (vegetable and chestnut – I had a tin of cooked chestnuts in the cupboard.) This is really good, shame I just threw the veg in based on what I had and how long I expected it to keep, so I’ll never be able to recreate it)


Snacks: random bits and pieces, fruit, ham, babybel lite etc

Food Monday:

Breakfast: Smoothie of berries, spinach, whey


Lunch: salad of puy lentils and feta cheese loosely based on this recipe (nothing special I’m afraid – not the way I made it anyway)


and a hard boiled egg


Dinner: Chicken adobo with vegetables


Snacks: as mentioned, too many bags of raisins, too many raw almonds, plus a bag of Popchips

Weight: 152.4lbs

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  1. The lentil salad looks incredible I must say. I've printed out the recipe (thanks for the link!) and will give that one a whirl for my lunch! :) Keep up the great work

  2. Make sure to include carbs with your eggs. Like white or honey would be good. It's really dangerous I have heard people having fainting spells from eating eggs alone. This is because eggs secrete insulin to be disgusted.