Monday, 20 August 2012

Let them eat fudge

Yesterday got off to a good start – no breakfast, 6.5 miles walked (all in one go instead of lots of choppy, unsatisfying short walks) and relaxation. Then I got depressed for no apparent reason mid-afternoon and attempted to feel better with rum, PB & chocolate fudge. How surprising that it didn’t work…

And I didn’t dare weigh myself this morning as a result.

Grrr. Arrgh.


Lunch: salad of noodles, tinned crab meat, rocket and a few bits of salad


Dinner: New Covent Garden brand Parsnip, Apple and Elderflower soup, which I forgot to photograph

Snacks: Popchips, chocolate fudge (by the large chunk), ham, peanut butter…. need I go on? Didn’t think so….

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  1. You know the rule dont beat yourself up and start again today!!! by the way have you seen the recipe for pasta without gluten on channel 4 simply italian program. You might find it useful.

  2. Fudge? Hmmm, not my favourite, but the PB sure is!

    OK, today is another day, so listen to that great man, Ol' Blue Eyes, who'll tell you...

    Nothing is impossible I have found
    For when my chin is on the ground
    I pick myself up, dust myself off
    Start all over again
    Don't lose your confidence if you slip
    Be grateful for a pleasant trip
    And pick yourself up, dust yourself off
    Start all over again

    Frank Sinatra... you know he makes sense!