Friday, 10 August 2012

I hate Internet shopping

I spent all day yesterday (up till around 3 pm anyway) waiting for a delivery that I eventually learned was not going to happen. Arrgh. I also had the council collecting a non-working appliance and a charity collecting some furniture I was donating, so my day was tedious in the extreme. And achy – 40 minutes on the mountain climber + 3 miles (approx) walking the day before left my legs complaining ever time I hit the stairs (have I mentioned I now live in a three storey townhouse?)

So knowing I had to stay in all day yesterday I did at least go for an early morning walk, which was lovely because I actually was cool, whereas later it got hot and sticky again. I just set a timer for 30 mins and headed out, then turned back when the mobile phone beeped at me. I left it at that to give my legs time to recover; they thanked me with the above-mentioned complaining and aching…

I managed to put off breakfast till 9:30 yesterday – I get up at 5am so that’s quite a while I feel! It was harder yesterday than the day before, I didn’t over-eat once I started eating but I was obsessing over food for a large part of the day. Still, determined to keep going if I can pull it off.


Breakfast: TVP ‘oatmeal’ with lots of berries


Lunch: Carrot-pumpkin soup


Dinner: Leftover rice noodles in a salad with prawns, red onion, sweetcorn, peas & peppers in a bottled ginger & sesame salad dressing


Snacks: Greek yoghurt with defrosted berries & ground flaxseeds; babybel cheese


Weight: 154.1lbs

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  1. I'm sorry if I've missed it before, but would it be possible to have the 'recipe' for TVP oatmeal - it looks incredible! Do you use wheat-based protein chunks or soy-type TVP?

    I'm glad you're moved in and things are starting to settle down a bit :)