Sunday, 19 August 2012

Friday & Saturday

Friday I took the train to go to my interview so I wouldn’t have to get stressed about finding parking etc. It took a large chunk of the day (I left the house at 7:40 and returned at 2:15pm) and I ended up with the feeling that I don’t want the job. So it was also a wasted day. And because I was nervous I ate a caramel-hazelnut tart and a chocolate –coconut truffle bar from M&S before the interview, then a small bag of pic’n’mix chocolate coated sweets afterwards because I was annoyed. Followed by a takeaway from the local Italian restaurant for dinner. Ah well. At least I discovered my work suits still fit me and I’m trying to look on it as practice for a future interview.

Yesterday M and I went into Reading to watch a ridiculously early showing of The Dark Knight Rises (9:40am!!!). It was great actually, only 7 people in the theatre including us, no kids, and no talking through the movie. Even though I’d had no breakfast I managed to resist M’s popcorn too, so that was a plus! I did enjoy the movie but felt it didn’t quite deserve the rave reviews, it was a bit long (especially as there was a full 30 mins of adverts & trailers beforehand) and by the time we left my back was aching from sitting in the cinema seats for so long.

Food Friday:

Breakfast: TVP oatmeal with berries & wheyP1160082

Lunch: M&S sushi eaten in a train station

Dinner: Spinach & mushroom risotto (bigger, more fattening, and more delicious than the ones I make…)


Snacks: see above…

Weight: 152.25lbs

Food Saturday:


Lunch: GF bread sandwich with an egg and a couple of slices of ham, followed by some melon slices


Dinner: Split pea – chorizo soup (now finished) with gf toast


Snacks: 1 pack of fruit roll ups, a tiny bit of fudge, and 2 drinks of vodka / rum mixed with pineapple juice (to be clear, that’s one of vodka & juice, then one of banana flavoured rum with juice, not a mixture of both in both drinks)

Weight: 153 lbs. sigh

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