Sunday, 5 August 2012

Catch up–Friday & Saturday

Well, Friday wasn’t the best day ever. I demonstrated my mile-wide streak of neurotic childishness and ended up virtually in tears over the whole ‘lime-scale on shower cubicle’ thing. (For context – the shower in question is in the rental house we’re finally handing over on Wednesday, and we had to put down a whopping deposit which on Friday I was convinced we wouldn’t get back due to my poor housekeeping) Fortunately M is actually sane, and talked me down from the cliff edge… Then we carried lots of weights around and did various other bits of rearranging and I did something so horrible to my back that I spent yesterday either flat on said back or very very slowly climbing stairs / bending over with loud groans and frequent pill popping. With some (not too terrible) comfort eating. And its hard to write blog posts when horizontal, so I didn’t. We did however watch a movie in the afternoon – ‘We Need to Talk about Kevin’. I’m probably way behind everyone else on the planet watching this as usual, but it was excellent – so interesting I’m almost burned the potatoes for dinner !!! Tilda Swinton is so good as the mother, and the actor playing Kevin is really chilling – I’ll be downloading the book soon, particularly as the reviews on Amazon say the book is better than the movie.

Also, I’m constipated, so the scales are going up but I don’t want to take a pill for it unless it gets really uncomfortable as I took one last week for no better reason than I regretted eating some cake.

Food Friday:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins (all bran – why have you stopped working for me???? Maybe I need a break, I keep forgetting its wheat bran and gluten intolerance can lead to constipation – but its hard to stop eating it when that’s already your problem)


Lunch: Home-made spinach pea soup, finally finishing off the toxic looking green sludge which I promise tasted much better than it looked…


Dinner: Spinach & mushroom risotto topped with a soft poached egg and served with a miniscule salad. This was lovely despite my forgetting to add any soft cheese / crème fraiche or whatever to the risotto as I normally would)



Snacks: Fage 0% (run out now, hmph), a dark chocolate bounty bar

Food Saturday:

Breakfast: Guess….

Lunch: Basil tofu, tomato & red onion marmalade sandwich


Dinner: Roast dinner with beef brisket slow cooked and roast potato, carrot & broccoli


Snacks: Greek yoghurt, 2 alpro dark chocolate soy puddings, some chicken slices, raisins, peanut butter…

Weight: 156.25lbs

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  1. A bit random, but have you tried using bicarb soda? Using a little water to create a paste, scrub the limescale with this (you'll require a pack of bicarb as the more you use the better the result). Then use white vinegar and pour over the bicarb. It will bubble and fizz. Then scrub over the limescale again and it should become clean. I hope that helps! It's what I use when cleaning my 3 bathrooms and it works wonderfully for me!

  2. Maybe you're having TOO much Fibre. That also causes the body to become blocked up as you're flooding your system. Just a thought