Friday, 27 July 2012

Yesterday was A Day off…

… From the binge-fest my life has recently become. Monday & Tuesday I bought loads of crap to eat (3 chocolate doughnuts on Tuesday – not gluten free, not particularly good quality – but I must admit they were yummy! Yep – all 3 of them!) Wednesday I resisted buying loads of garbage but still spent half the day scrabbling through the fridge and freezer looking for extra things to eat (and finding them Sad smile) and seriously considering a trip into town to buy more, except the heat and humidity put me off.

Thursday I went into Reading for some ground flaxseeds and had a coffee in Costa Coffee, where I was thisclose  to ordering a GF brownie – but didn’t – and then went to Holland & Barrett, where I stood right next to a bag of chocolate Brazil nuts while waiting to pay for my flaxseeds – and left them alone too! I’d like to think that now my house is more liveable I’m coming out of the slump, but its more likely my body is just temporarily sugared-out. Still, I’m willing to take advantage of the lull and not eat like a pig while it lasts, though I’m currently afraid to step on the scales so I can’t report a scarily high weight today…

On the plus side, now that summer finally reached Berkshire even if I can’t sleep due to the temperature in the bedroom and don’t want to walk due to the sweatiness ensuing, at least when I do walk I get plenty of lovely Vitamin D, so I’m feeling more cheerful than I probably deserve…

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with soy milk and raisins. You’ve seen it so often, I forgot didn’t bother to inflict it on you again…

Lunch: Home-made broccoli, cauliflower & spinach soup with GF toast and LC Lite


Dinner: Roast chicken breast. Should have been served with salad, but I couldn’t face it

Snacks: Melon, an apple, a babybel lite, Greek yoghurt topped with blueberries


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