Saturday, 28 July 2012


Friday Weight: 11st 2.4 lbs (156.4 lbs). Maybe if I ate 3 doughnuts a day for a month I’d finally get down to 10st (140 lbs) again…

OK that’s not a great weight in for someone who’s genuinely trying to get to 10st, but still it’s not what I expected to see this morning when I bit the bullet. I guess in the brief periods in between highly calorific snacks I must’ve been eating low-cal meals. Or maybe I just sweated it all off over the last few boiling hot days. Either way, I’m unconvinced, and will remain that way until the next weigh in!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins

Lunch: Smoothie with cookies & cream whey, summer berries, spinach, ground linseeds and soy milk


Dinner: 2 tilapia fillets toped with a blend of sea salt and seaweed, baked in foil, with roasted baby fennel, samphire, another type of sea vegetable I can’t spell or pronounce, and a cob of sweet corn. I forgot to photograph it – I guess habits don’t always die hard!

Snacks: Fage Total with raspberry and pomegranate (supplied free of charge to me by Fage). The compote with this is really delicious, not too sweet. I still wish it was a little easier to stir into the yoghurt (I’m lazy but at least I know it) just so the deliciousness was more evenly spread through the yoghurt, but I would (and will!)absolutely spend my own money to buy it from now on!

I know, this only shows the outside of the pot, but when I opened it I was starving and plunged right in without pausing to grab the camera!


melon; apple & babybel lite

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