Monday, 30 July 2012

Strolling Sunday

While I was on my long blogging hiatus I did do one thing I was less ashamed off than all the bingeing and whingeing you already know about… on the 7th of July I did a 7 mile walk along the Thames for The Kidney Research fund. It was POURING with rain for about 2/3rds of the time, (don’t you love the British summer!!!) and I know compared to most people who take part in public events that sounds a bit wussy, but hey, it was my first experience of doing something like that and you have to start somewhere, right? My father-in-law came up and walked it with me, and we had a really great day despite the weather – so much so that I was looking for more walks by the time I reached home afterwards!

I’ve now signed up for a couple more, and you’ll see a link to my fundraising pages on this site. I’m embarrassed by the whole fundraising process, so I’m not going to keep chasing asking for chasing you onto your own blogs or anything, but for the sake of the charities, given that I know very few people around here I can ask to sponsor me, I’m biting the bullet and letting you know about it. No pressure, no recriminations, and definitely no nagging (though I will tell you how I got on with the walk after the event). So far the only one I have a fund raising page for is a Sue Ryder midnight walk in Reading on September 29th.

This morning I walked from Shiplake to Henley-on-Thames in the sunshine. Only about 2.5 miles, but I enjoyed it!


Food today:

Breakfast: All bran as usual, with chopped dates for a very small change of pace!

Lunch: Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and toast


Dinner: Chicken roast dinner


Snacks: Fage 0% with blueberries;


Starbucks fruit salad and a berry hibiscus Refresha (half-consumed by the time I got round to snapping it)


and a bag of Pop chips

Weight: 11st 2.1lbs (156.1)

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