Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Monday again

Had a busy day Monday full of lots of little jobs in the on-going saga of sorting out the new house so its liveable. Does it take everyone this long or are we just really slow and inefficient at it?

Anyway, the exercise machine is finally accessible so I’ll be able to start training as soon as I’m confident that my back is better – I hurt it during the move, lifting something I shouldn’t have while twisting and / or bending over – such a genius! Anyway, it’s been steadily improving apart from a few setbacks where I got carried away because there’s too much to do to mollycoddle it, so in a day or two I’ll be heading for the mountain climber once more.

Today’s exercise (apart from climbing a million stairs going up and down, down and up, sometimes carrying chairs or boxes…) was just a very short walk – a mile or so at most. I’m starting to really miss my proper longer walks, they are going to have to start up again really soon!

Food today:

Breakfast: You guessed it! All bran with raisins… for a change

Lunch: A tub of Gazpacho soup, Heston Blumenthal’s range of Waitrose products – very tasty and refreshing!


Dinner: Tofu taco salad


Snacks: Fage 0% with raspberry & pomegranate – definitely my favourite flavour


And a berry-spinach whey smoothie.


Also a few mouthfuls of pork tenderloin to taste it after roasting it, and a few mouthfuls of ham when I was hungry waiting to get lunch

Weight: 156lbs (11st 2lb)

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