Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bad, Bad, Bad Blogger/Dieter

Hey there, anyone left out there?

Since we last talked…. I’ve travelled. And forgotten the details without filling you in – except that Alaska is so, so beautiful. For contrast, so is Venice.

I’ve fallen off the wagon, picked up a crow bar, and broken the wagon into a million tiny pieces.

And I’m halfway through moving house, so I’m insane with stress (mostly self-inflicted) – hence the wagon breaking. My life seems to be driving around Berkshire with car loads of stuff from one house (that never seems to get any emptier) to another house (that seems to be getting really full).

And I still don’t have a job.

I have decided to clamp down on the diet and exercise once the move is out of the way. It would probably help my sanity if I fitted it in now, but I can’t handle another thing to think about, and can’t risk hurting myself until everything is in the new house. Funny thing – I slipped and fell over on Friday and hurt myself anyway. Sigh. Anyway, to help with that I will be trying to get back into the blogging groove. I know I’ve said that multiple times over the last few months, but this time its for real… Honest

I’ll be back…

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  1. Good and stop beating yourself up it doesnt help it only makes you feel worse tomorrow is another day so I expect to hear from you!!!