Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Monday again

Had a busy day Monday full of lots of little jobs in the on-going saga of sorting out the new house so its liveable. Does it take everyone this long or are we just really slow and inefficient at it?

Anyway, the exercise machine is finally accessible so I’ll be able to start training as soon as I’m confident that my back is better – I hurt it during the move, lifting something I shouldn’t have while twisting and / or bending over – such a genius! Anyway, it’s been steadily improving apart from a few setbacks where I got carried away because there’s too much to do to mollycoddle it, so in a day or two I’ll be heading for the mountain climber once more.

Today’s exercise (apart from climbing a million stairs going up and down, down and up, sometimes carrying chairs or boxes…) was just a very short walk – a mile or so at most. I’m starting to really miss my proper longer walks, they are going to have to start up again really soon!

Food today:

Breakfast: You guessed it! All bran with raisins… for a change

Lunch: A tub of Gazpacho soup, Heston Blumenthal’s range of Waitrose products – very tasty and refreshing!


Dinner: Tofu taco salad


Snacks: Fage 0% with raspberry & pomegranate – definitely my favourite flavour


And a berry-spinach whey smoothie.


Also a few mouthfuls of pork tenderloin to taste it after roasting it, and a few mouthfuls of ham when I was hungry waiting to get lunch

Weight: 156lbs (11st 2lb)

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Monday, 30 July 2012

Strolling Sunday

While I was on my long blogging hiatus I did do one thing I was less ashamed off than all the bingeing and whingeing you already know about… on the 7th of July I did a 7 mile walk along the Thames for The Kidney Research fund. It was POURING with rain for about 2/3rds of the time, (don’t you love the British summer!!!) and I know compared to most people who take part in public events that sounds a bit wussy, but hey, it was my first experience of doing something like that and you have to start somewhere, right? My father-in-law came up and walked it with me, and we had a really great day despite the weather – so much so that I was looking for more walks by the time I reached home afterwards!

I’ve now signed up for a couple more, and you’ll see a link to my fundraising pages on this site. I’m embarrassed by the whole fundraising process, so I’m not going to keep chasing asking for chasing you onto your own blogs or anything, but for the sake of the charities, given that I know very few people around here I can ask to sponsor me, I’m biting the bullet and letting you know about it. No pressure, no recriminations, and definitely no nagging (though I will tell you how I got on with the walk after the event). So far the only one I have a fund raising page for is a Sue Ryder midnight walk in Reading on September 29th.

This morning I walked from Shiplake to Henley-on-Thames in the sunshine. Only about 2.5 miles, but I enjoyed it!


Food today:

Breakfast: All bran as usual, with chopped dates for a very small change of pace!

Lunch: Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and toast


Dinner: Chicken roast dinner


Snacks: Fage 0% with blueberries;


Starbucks fruit salad and a berry hibiscus Refresha (half-consumed by the time I got round to snapping it)


and a bag of Pop chips

Weight: 11st 2.1lbs (156.1)

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Saturday–yoghurts, movies, steak

Yesterday I started off driving all over Reading shopping at Tesco & B&Q and visiting the council skip to get rid of some rubbish from the house move. It was a productive start but not a fun one, though that all changed with M suggested we went to Reading for lunch and a movie – to my favourite steak place, Miller & Carter. We had a fantastic meal, and followed it by going to see Spiderman in 3D (I have a weakness for super hero movies!) We both enjoyed the movie even though something we both remembered from the trailer didn’t even happen in the film, and I felt paying extra for the 3D version was unnecessary as the movie didn’t really make the best use of the technology. A good, ultimately relaxing Saturday though, and the 3 course lunch meant I didn’t bother eating another meal, just another (free) Greek yoghurt!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins

Lunch:  One buffalo chicken wing,


Chateaubriand with baked potato and ‘onion loaf’


Mixed berry Eton Mess


Dinner: Fage 0% with honey – and the honey mixed in easier!!!

Snacks: Fage 0% with strawberry compote (a little sweeter than the raspberry & pomegranate, so not quite as much to my taste, but so easily mixed in!!!);


Weight: 11st 1.5lbs (155.5 lbs)

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Saturday, 28 July 2012


Friday Weight: 11st 2.4 lbs (156.4 lbs). Maybe if I ate 3 doughnuts a day for a month I’d finally get down to 10st (140 lbs) again…

OK that’s not a great weight in for someone who’s genuinely trying to get to 10st, but still it’s not what I expected to see this morning when I bit the bullet. I guess in the brief periods in between highly calorific snacks I must’ve been eating low-cal meals. Or maybe I just sweated it all off over the last few boiling hot days. Either way, I’m unconvinced, and will remain that way until the next weigh in!

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with raisins

Lunch: Smoothie with cookies & cream whey, summer berries, spinach, ground linseeds and soy milk


Dinner: 2 tilapia fillets toped with a blend of sea salt and seaweed, baked in foil, with roasted baby fennel, samphire, another type of sea vegetable I can’t spell or pronounce, and a cob of sweet corn. I forgot to photograph it – I guess habits don’t always die hard!

Snacks: Fage Total with raspberry and pomegranate (supplied free of charge to me by Fage). The compote with this is really delicious, not too sweet. I still wish it was a little easier to stir into the yoghurt (I’m lazy but at least I know it) just so the deliciousness was more evenly spread through the yoghurt, but I would (and will!)absolutely spend my own money to buy it from now on!

I know, this only shows the outside of the pot, but when I opened it I was starving and plunged right in without pausing to grab the camera!


melon; apple & babybel lite

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Friday, 27 July 2012

Yesterday was A Day off…

… From the binge-fest my life has recently become. Monday & Tuesday I bought loads of crap to eat (3 chocolate doughnuts on Tuesday – not gluten free, not particularly good quality – but I must admit they were yummy! Yep – all 3 of them!) Wednesday I resisted buying loads of garbage but still spent half the day scrabbling through the fridge and freezer looking for extra things to eat (and finding them Sad smile) and seriously considering a trip into town to buy more, except the heat and humidity put me off.

Thursday I went into Reading for some ground flaxseeds and had a coffee in Costa Coffee, where I was thisclose  to ordering a GF brownie – but didn’t – and then went to Holland & Barrett, where I stood right next to a bag of chocolate Brazil nuts while waiting to pay for my flaxseeds – and left them alone too! I’d like to think that now my house is more liveable I’m coming out of the slump, but its more likely my body is just temporarily sugared-out. Still, I’m willing to take advantage of the lull and not eat like a pig while it lasts, though I’m currently afraid to step on the scales so I can’t report a scarily high weight today…

On the plus side, now that summer finally reached Berkshire even if I can’t sleep due to the temperature in the bedroom and don’t want to walk due to the sweatiness ensuing, at least when I do walk I get plenty of lovely Vitamin D, so I’m feeling more cheerful than I probably deserve…

Food today:

Breakfast: All bran with soy milk and raisins. You’ve seen it so often, I forgot didn’t bother to inflict it on you again…

Lunch: Home-made broccoli, cauliflower & spinach soup with GF toast and LC Lite


Dinner: Roast chicken breast. Should have been served with salad, but I couldn’t face it

Snacks: Melon, an apple, a babybel lite, Greek yoghurt topped with blueberries


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Internet is in the house

Not much to say now though, still not doing what needs doing to look after myself, but making good progress with getting this house liveable and the other one ready to give back to the letting agents.

In the mean time, I have over 100 posts to catch up on in my Google Reader, and I’m looking for inspiration in getting back on track…

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Popping in

Hi guys, back again – this time the break wasn’t down to me being lazy, its because I don’t have the phone & internet set up in my new house yet so I couldn’t go online without painfully typing the post into a phone keypad – I’m not that keen I’m afraid!

Nothing much to report anyway, I’ve spent the last few days lugging heavy stuff around and squeezing the contents of a large house into a much smaller house while wishing I’d sold more stuff on ebay. Eating hasn’t been great but I’ve been active anyway!

Weight: 11st 3.5lbs (157.5)


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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Not a good start

Yesterday we went to Reading for some house shopping then had lunch out. I had a lovely, relatively light and healthy (though 3 course) lunch…. and some booze with it. By the time we caught the train home I was a little under the influence because I’m a complete lightweight… so I bought a HUGE bar of Cadbury’s Caramel (technically a sharing bar!) and a (small) bag of Thorntons and ate the lot… Spent the rest of the day feeling sick from over-indulgence and cursing myself A LOT. At least I feel no desire to do that ever again!

As I lay on the sofa in a foetal position groaning softly I had a small conversation with M. He said, and I quote, “The time I feel best – happiest, healthiest, most alert, and strongest, is when I don’t drink and I do train.” Yeah. I seem to remember that back when I was a proper blogger I used to say the same thing, but with the house move both those things have gone by the board just like the eating right bit. Maybe I should design a massive poster with that as a slogan to remind myself that there are better ways to deal with stress than chocolate in massive quantities…

Thai seafood salad


Spiced sea bass with green veg and minted yoghurtP1150871

Apple jelly trifle, caramel cream custard, frozen apple snow, calvados cream


Weight: 11st 7.1lbs (161.1lbs)

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Saturday, 14 July 2012

Bad, Bad, Bad Blogger/Dieter

Hey there, anyone left out there?

Since we last talked…. I’ve travelled. And forgotten the details without filling you in – except that Alaska is so, so beautiful. For contrast, so is Venice.

I’ve fallen off the wagon, picked up a crow bar, and broken the wagon into a million tiny pieces.

And I’m halfway through moving house, so I’m insane with stress (mostly self-inflicted) – hence the wagon breaking. My life seems to be driving around Berkshire with car loads of stuff from one house (that never seems to get any emptier) to another house (that seems to be getting really full).

And I still don’t have a job.

I have decided to clamp down on the diet and exercise once the move is out of the way. It would probably help my sanity if I fitted it in now, but I can’t handle another thing to think about, and can’t risk hurting myself until everything is in the new house. Funny thing – I slipped and fell over on Friday and hurt myself anyway. Sigh. Anyway, to help with that I will be trying to get back into the blogging groove. I know I’ve said that multiple times over the last few months, but this time its for real… Honest

I’ll be back…